Elfcapades 2014: The final days

Day 25 (Tuesday), we went downstairs to find a helpful reminder from Elfis that we needed to bake cookies for Santa.  He had everything ready for us – a bowl, cookie mix (pre-made, the easy kind, just how we like it!), sprinkles and colored frosting.

IMG_0812 IMG_0813

Luckily for us, Elfis moved out of the bowl during the day, and we were able to dig right in when the boys came home from school.  We had a lot of fun making those cookies.  And even more fun tasting them!

IMG_0819 IMG_0820
IMG_0823 IMG_0825

Day 26 (Wednesday), was Christmas Eve.  Elfis was a tricky one to find on that last morning.  Cooper finally tracked him down and found him in Cooper’s stocking.  With a note!

IMG_0826 IMG_0828

Cooper quickly snatched up the note and asked me to read it.  Here’s what it said:

Today is Christmas Eve!  I had a lot of fun here at your house, but now it’s time fo rme to go back to the North Pole and help Santa deliver the presents.
Do not worry.  Santa knows you have been good mostly.
Guess what?  Santa has lifted my magic for today only.  I would really like a hug and kiss goodbye before I leave.  I will miss you!
Love, Elfis


Of course, Cooper was thrilled!  He asked me three times how Santa could lift his magic, and was it really ok to touch Elfis.  I told him yes, but we had to be very gentle and that we just got to say good bye, not play with him all day.  So, the boys took turns saying their goodbyes.  They both hugged and kissed their little elf buddy, and reluctantly let me put him back in the stocking where we found him.  We had planned to hug & kiss him one more time that night before bed, but we got home too late and forgot all about it.  So, that was the final goodbye.

IMG_0830 IMG_0831

Christmas morning we slept in until 7am when Bennett woke us up.  I couldn’t believe we were so lucky to get so much sleep!  But, again, we were up very late Christmas Eve, so these normal bright-eyed little boys were quite a bit sleepy Christmas morning.  I went in to wake up Cooper and it took three minutes of me sprawled on top of him, chanting “Merry Christmas!” over and over before he finally woke up!

We headed downstairs to see if Santa came, and we were not disappointed!

IMG_0837 IMG_0838

Bennett found Elfis’ signature goodbye note – a portrait of himself, saying he’ll see us next year.  Then we dug in.  First, we tore through our stockings, then went to the tree and ripped open everything we had out there as well.  The kids, as usual, were eager to open, open, open.  Cooper is able to read his name, and quickly grabbed up as many presents as he could.  We had to slow him down a bit.  Everybody was pretty happy with their loot, it seems.

IMG_0840 IMG_0841
IMG_0846 IMG_0847 IMG_0848
IMG_0851 IMG_0853

Merry Christmas from us to you!



Elfcapades 2014: Days 20-24

Every day is a new adventure with Elfis.

Day 20 (Thursday), we found Elfis still by the tree, but this time he was having a dart gun fight with Buzz Lightyear.  Elfis was hanging upside down from the Christmas tree and it looked like he got Buzz pretty good with a few of his darts.

IMG_0767 IMG_0771

Day 21 (Friday), we didn’t find Elfis right away, but just before heading out the door, we noticed a trail of toilet paper coming out of the downstairs bathroom door.  The boys went to check it out and they found that Elfis had been up to no good.  And he tried to blame it all on poor little Jack & Colby.  We did find Jack in there at first, up on the counter, but we knew he couldn’t make that mess.  Only Elfis could have done that.  Cooper later had a talk with Elfis about how lying is bad.

IMG_0780 IMG_0782

Day 22 (Saturday), Cooper found Elfis right away when we first came downstairs.  He was on our counter making a “snow” angel.  Cooper thought it was pretty silly, but had some questions: “Mom, how did he get that snow?”  I told him it wasn’t snow.  Then he asked, “Well, how did he do that with ice?”  He couldn’t believe it!  But, I told him that it wasn’t ice either, that it was sugar.  I pointed out the almost empty bag of sugar turned on its side on the counter.  He quickly picked up the bag of sugar so it wouldn’t spill any more, then proceeded to taste-test the sugar.  🙂   Bennett woke up about an hour later and was pretty impressed with the snow angel.  (He wasn’t nearly as concerned about the snow/ice/sugar though.)

IMG_0786 IMG_0789
IMG_0790 IMG_0793

Later that same day, a USPS driver delivered a package to our door.  It was addressed to Elfis (uh oh, not again!) but this time came from the North Pole!  What?!?!?  We had no idea what this was.  Inside, there was a note from Santa that read:

I asked you to deliver these to the Martinson children last week!  I’m glad they are better behaved than you!
Ho ho ho,
Santa Claus

What?!?!  Santa sent us an early Christmas present?  AND, Elfis didn’t bring it to us when he was supposed to???  Oh my goodness.  Well, we opened up the box and found four Christmas movies inside.  What an exciting surprise!

IMG_0804 IMG_0795

Day 23 (Sunday), Elfis must have felt bad about forgetting to bring us the movies because the next morning he brought us at least a dozen new figures to play the Xbox Infinity game.  He was sitting on a Mega Blok chair surrounded by probably 30 characters for the game.  The kids were thrilled to add Spiderman, Iron Man, and Hiro (from Big Hero 6) among many others to their collection, and spent the entire first half of the day playing video games.

IMG_0798 IMG_0800 IMG_0802

Day 24 (Monday), Elfis was caught having fun again.  This time, he’d set up a race track on our dining room floor and was racing Cooper’s new Ninja Turtle RC car.  Batman was behind him in Bennett’s car.  Bennett thought it was pretty cool and went to find the remote to race his car, but Cooper knew he couldn’t turn his on without touching Elfis.  And there is no way he would touch Elfis; he does not want him to lose his magic!

IMG_0807 IMG_0811

Well, here we are.  Christmas is less than three days away.  Only two more days with our little elf friend and then he will go home with Santa.  I think we’ve all been pretty good and the odds are in our favor for Santa to make a stop at our house!

Elfcapades 2014: Days 17-19

Our elf seems to be getting a little more mischievous as we get closer to Christmas…

Day 17 (Monday), the kids woke up to find ALL of their underwear thrown around the house.  It was in their bedrooms, in the hall, down the stairs…  There was underwear everywhere!

IMG_0753 IMG_0755

They decided to follow the mess to see where it led them; in fact, they went on an elf hunt.  There was a very clear path from each of their rooms, down the stairs, then it split in two: left to the Christmas tree and right towards the kitchen.  At the tree, they found Elfis had hung 5 or 6 pairs of underwear on the tree.  They couldn’t believe he did that!  (It seems Cooper forgot that Elfis has done this before.)  When they followed the trail back towards the kitchen, they saw it ended right in front of the freezer.  In fact, there was a pair of underwear in the water/ice compartment!  When they opened up the freezer, they found… guess who???  Yep, you got it.  Elfis was in the freezer, cozied up inside our portable freezer bag, wrapped in a nice, cuddly pair of Cooper’s underwear.  He is quite the silly little elf!

IMG_0756 IMG_0757

Day 18 (Tuesday), we woke up to find that Elfis had helped himself to the bag of gingerbread men & sugar cookie snowmen!  —  He was so BUSTED!!! —
The boys thought it was funny, but were very concerned that the cookies would be all gone and they wouldn’t get any more.


Day 19 (Wednesday), the boys discovered a bunch of wrapped presents under the tree.  They were excited and yelled to me, “Santa came and brought us presents!!!”  Boy, were they excited.  But then I had to be the downer and remind them that Santa isn’t coming until Christmas and that those presents were from us, that I’d just finally started wrapping them the night before.  Well, they weren’t too disappointed because they found Elfis right then and there.  He had gotten himself caught up (stuck?) peeking inside one of Natalie’s presents.  That sneaky elf!

IMG_0764 IMG_0766


Elfcapades 2014: Days 15 & 16 (Weekend fun!)

The weekend was here (hooray!).  Saturday morning (Day 15) the kids and I headed downstairs to look for Elfis.  We couldn’t find him in the tree or the kitchen, but Bennett quickly found something on the kitchen table.  There was a note and three water bottles filled with… something…?  Chocolate kisses!??!  YUM!


IMG_0721 IMG_0723

The note read:

With little elf eyes watching you, there’s not a lot that Santa misses.  So, to help you be good today, here’s a bunch of sweet elf kisses.
Drink the kisses up then enjoy your new cup!  It’s gonna be a fun day, now let’s go and play!
Remember not to hurt, yell, or fight, and surprises could happen; they just might!  In fact, there is one now I bet.  Have you found your theater yet?

What?  What theater?  What’s he talking about?  And where’s Elfis?

Well, after eating one elf kiss each, they got down to see what was going on.  Again, Bennett was the first to see something.  We heard him say, “What… heck?”  (So cute, his way of trying to say What the heck? with the perfect pause in the middle while missing the the.  …  Right in the hallway to the garage, we found a little puppet theater set up.  There was a curtain stage and a bag full of animals and a princess puppet.  What fun!  We also found Elfis close by on the wall in the hallway, hanging on one of the sconces, in a perfect position to watch the puppet show.  (We had so much fun playing with his surprises, it seems we forgot to take his picture this time!)

IMG_0724 IMG_0727 IMG_0729 IMG_0731 IMG_0732

Sunday morning (Day 16), Cooper woke up first.  He came into my room and told me that Elfis tried to tape a trap for him to stay in his room!  … So much for our nice elf!  I asked him what he meant and how he got out, he told me that he just crawled under!  Well, one point for Cooper and none for Elfis – this kid can’t be tripped up!  He didn’t walk into it, and he didn’t get frustrated.  He thought it was pretty clever.  (The kittens were pretty impressed with it too – they kept trying to play with it.)

IMG_0742 IMG_0744

Bennett was a sleepy head this morning and we had to wake him up.  Rather than break down his trap to go in and get him, we knocked on his door and told him to come see what Elfis did.  He opened up the door (still half asleep) and was so confused.  He stuttered, “He – He – He  – He trapped me in here???”  Once he woke up a little bit though, he also thought it was funny.  Here he is showing us how he could get out of his trap.  Then, later on in the day (no pictures, sorry), he took his swords and ripped it all down.

IMG_0745 IMG_0748 IMG_0749 IMG_0750

It seems Natalie couldn’t be fooled either.  She also crawled right under hers to get out.  Cooper found Elfis wrapped up in a bunch of tape outside Natalie’s door.  We’re not sure what he was planning to do, but figured he didn’t get to it since he trapped himself by mistake!  Silly elf!

IMG_0739 IMG_0741

And, just for good measure –
We have only 11 days left until Christmas!!!


Elfcapades 2014: Days 10-14

So far, our little elf hadn’t gotten himself into too much trouble yet.  Or so we thought.  Sunday evening on our way home from the mountain, I received an email from my Aunt Karen.  It read:

Elfis is in Trouble!
Santa told us that your Elfis got online and hacked our amazon.com account!  What a troublemaker!  We’re changing our passwords so he won’t try it again.  I’m sure your kids are much better behaved than your elf!
Merry Christmas!
Love, Karen & Jim

Well, what the heck was that about, we wondered?!!?!  So, when we got home, we were only partially surprised when we found a package waiting at our house, from amazon.com, addressed to Elfis.  What?!?!  We opened it up and here’s what we found:

IMG_0679 IMG_0682

It was an elf-sized bomber jacket and pilot’s goggles with a note that read “Thanks for letting me use the computer and do a little shopping.  This will make my flights home to Santa more comfortable.  I’m so happy to be your elf on a shelf… even if I don’t always stay on a shelf.  From, Elfis.” 

Well, there you go.  Our elf is now a thief.  Karen & Jim, we will find a way to make him pay you back!  ;-}

So… The next morning (Monday, Day 10) – We found Elfis had returned back from his visit to the North Pole and was still wearing his new outfit while riding on Cooper’s green wooden airplane.  He’d landed up on top of the bookshelf in our bedroom.  The boys sure thought that was pretty funny.

IMG_0686 IMG_0688

Tuesday morning (Day 11), the boys found Elfis reading about the Grinch with some friends.


Wednesday (Day 12), Elfis was discovered as he was taking a shoulder ride on our tree angel.  We don’t know what that was about…

IMG_0693 IMG_0700

It seemed he was staying pretty tame (besides that whole shopping spree), and was staying out of trouble for the most part.  But, on Thursday (Day 13), it seemed he felt he needed to keep a closer eye on Cooper.  Cooper found Elfis hiding inside the lamp in his room!  While he wasn’t doing anything crazy in there, I figured it made sense since Cooper threw one heck of a tantrum the night before when going to bed.  (So unlike him!)  Elfis must have though Cooper needed an even closer eye on him..

IMG_0704 IMG_0703

And then Friday (Day 14), it only makes sense that Elfis felt the need to watch over Bennett.  Bennett discovered him hanging on the string for his blinds looking over his whole room.  He was pretty happy about it.  Elfis surely made an impression when Bennett went to bed that same night.  His usual attempts at getting out of bed a dozen or so times to go potty (or whatever), were non-existent.  He must have been worried about Elfis seeing him not going to bed like a good little boy.

IMG_0710 IMG_0716 IMG_0720

It seems our elf is staying pretty well-behaved this year.  Maybe he’s matured since last year?  …  We’ll see.  There’s still 13 more days until Christmas!

Riding the Santa Express & Playing at Paradise (Oh, and Elfcapades days 8 & 9)

On Friday, we told the kids we were going to head to the mountain to play in some snow.  So, Saturday morning, we packed up and headed out for our long drive.  As we were getting settled into the truck, Cooper discovered that we had company:



Elfis must have decided that either he wanted to go to the mountain and play in the snow, or he thought he definitely needed to keep an eye on these kids, or maybe both…?

After we got over the excitement of Elfis coming with us, we then announced to the boys that before we got to go play in the snow, we were going to go ride a train.  With Santa on it.  Cooper asked if Santa was going to drive the train.  We told him no, but that we’d get to visit with him while the train was driving.  They were pretty excited.  The Santa train was a new adventure for all of us.  We sat in our seats, got to eat cookies and drink hot cocoa, and even visit with Santa (and the kids got presents, too!).

WP_20141206_010 WP_20141206_011

WP_20141206_015 WP_20141206_016 WP_20141206_018 WP_20141206_025

The train stopped at the Mt. Rainier Railroad museum and we wandered around and checked out some of the outbuildings there.  We discovered a giant log that was being pulled by a tractor.  The boys thought that was very cool.

WP_20141206_026 WP_20141206_027

Back at the house we rented, we got settled into our rooms (the boys shared a room and were super excited to try out their beds!), then watched a little bit of a movie before calling it a night.

WP_20141206_008 WP_20141206_009

Sunday morning we woke up, ate breakfast, then packed up to drive up into the snow.  When we got in the truck, we found Elfis was there still (or again?) but in a different spot.  This time he was hanging from the sunroof!

WP_20141207_007 WP_20141207_006

We headed up into Paradise Park where there was plenty of snow for us to have a good time.

WP_20141207_018 WP_20141207_020 WP_20141207_024 WP_20141207_030 WP_20141207_035 WP_20141207_037 WP_20141207_043
WP_20141207_041 WP_20141207_053

Elfcapades 2014: Days 5-7

Day 5: Wednesday, we woke up to find quite a scene downstairs.  On the dining room floor, there was a gang of super-villains facing off with a crew of army guys.  Behind the army guys, Elfis was there with his calvary: all of our superheroes, lined up across the house in a row of shoes.  (Were they driving them?  I don’t even know.)

IMG_0655 IMG_0656

Cooper & Bennett found this situation quite humorous. They got a big kick out of the fact that nearly every other shoe had a superhero inside.  Bennett was very excited that Batman was in his rain boot.  They took their time looking through at all the superheroes.  Then Cooper went and straightened up the main fight scene.  Some of the army guys had fallen over, and one of the bad guys was down for the count, too.  Before heading off to school, the boys made sure to tell Elfis that he needed to clean up his mess, and thankfully he did so before they got home.


IMG_0661 IMG_0664 IMG_0665

Day 6: Thursday the boys came downstairs to find that Elfis had continued to get into their stuff. It appeared that Elfis found their MouseTrap game, assembled it all by himself, then got caught in the trap.  However, by the looks of the three mice on the spinner board, I have my suspicions that they might have tricked him into landing on the cheese.

IMG_0666 IMG_0668 IMG_0672

Day 7: Friday, we woke up and quickly found Elfis in the dining room, hanging upside down from the chandelier holding a football.  We couldn’t figure out who he was playing with, but I’m just glad nothing was broken.  No football in the house!

IMG_0674 IMG_0677


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