Special Delivery

Yesterday, the strangest thing happened.  Natalie found a package on our front porch.  Not just any package.  A package from Santa. (Return address said Santa Claus, North Pole.)
Wait a minute, it’s not Christmas yet.  It’s not even Thanksgiving.  Huh???
And, to add to this oddity, the package was addressed to the kids only.  No fair!  What about me?!?!? Hmmm…

Well, the kids managed to open the package and found an even bigger surprise.  Santa sent them a (very long) letter and a book called Elf on the Shelf.  The letter talks all about how Santa is going to send us a Magic Elf for the holiday season to watch over our family. (The book tells a little more of the same story.)

According to Santa’s letter, our Elf should be arriving any day now, and also warned us that our Elf is a new one and is still learning his magic, so he might make mistakes and get into some trouble…
Here’s a copy of the letter:


…Wait a minute!  I didn’t sign up for this!!!  What do you mean TROUBLE???  Oh no.  What are we getting into?  Oh, and we have to name him when he gets here.  What do you name an Elf?

Well, even though Cooper didn’t pay much attention, Natalie has read this letter over and over, trying to figure it all out.  She probably knows it by heart!

We talked for a while throwing out some Elf name ideas, but didn’t make a decision because he wasn’t here yet, so we were going to wait to meet him.  Any day now, that’s what the letter said.  Oh boy…


One response to “Special Delivery”

  1. Margo Burnell says :

    Great Grammie is so excited to hear about the new friend that the Martinson Family has had visit them this holiday season. Wish an elf would come visit me.
    You know Mackenzie has had an elf visit her every Christmas season for many years now. She has never seen her Elf. He usually comes at night when she is asleep and once in awhile he comes while she is at school. He doesn’t come every day and when he comes he leaves some sort of treat for her in a Christmas bag that hangs on her bedroom door. And no, he never includes things for her mom and dad. I think it is neat that your Elf is hanging on your light fixture. I do know that he must report back to Santa daily so guess, you Natalie, Cooper and Bennett better be good so all your reports to Santa are good.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you all. I love you all and look forward to follow your blog so I know what the Elf is doing at your home.
    Hugs, Great Grammie

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