Elfcapades 2012: Day 3

Three days in, and I knew something was bound to happen.  That Elfis.  Well, he’s just been too mellow, too easygoing to stay out of trouble this long.  And, I was right.  It seems he went on his first big adventure last night because we sure found him in an interesting situation today.

I was not home when Cooper discovered Elfis this morning, but Cooper did not forget about it today.  As soon as I walked into his classroom, he shouted “Mommy!  Elf in my airpane!  Elf in my airplane!”  And when we walked in the door, before I could even put my stuff down, he insisted on showing me. “Elfis up there.  Elfis in my airplane up there.”  Why yes, yes he was up there.  See for yourself.

and a little closer:

What a silly little Elf!  Oh, how I wish he could talk!  I would love to know what on earth was going through that little Elf brain?  Did he just want to take a little joyride around our house with his new friends?  Did he think he could fly that little plane to the North Pole for his nightly visit?  And take along a plane-full of Disney buddies with him?  And how does his magic work?  He can’t possibly make other toys come alive.  So he must just pack them in to play with them.  Right?

Oh my.  This Elf is making my life interesting, that’s for sure.  Every day it’s a wonder what we’re going to find.  And now, we just wait for tomorrow to find out…


2 responses to “Elfcapades 2012: Day 3”

  1. Margo Burnell says :

    Cooper is really observant. Good for you Cooper. Where on earth do you think you will find him tomorrow? I really think this additional “kid” in the house is going to keep Mommy Michelle on her toes. Look forward to tomorrows report.
    Great Grammie

  2. Nana says :

    That clever Elfis- he also had a passenger! Must be quite a challenge to land on that narrow airstrip

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