Elfcapades 2012: Day 4

Today was the first day that Cooper woke up and thought of Elfis without anybody mentioning him first.  He noticed as we were heading downstairs this morning that Elfis was not up in his airplane anymore.  He confirmed that the airplane was back safe and sound, then started turning on all the lights.  I asked what he was doing, and he said “Looking for Elfis”.  I love that he’s caught on already!

Well, he searched for a few minutes but couldn’t find him before heading out the door.  I worked from home today and even though I was at my computer all day, I still didn’t see or hear anything from Elfis all day.  So, if he was up to something, he was quiet about it.

I left the house briefly to go pick up the boys.  When we pulled in the garage, Cooper told me he wanted to find Elfis.  We walked in and set our stuff down, and then noticed a noise.  “You hear that noise?” I asked Cooper?  (One of his favorite questions for me.)  He shushed me and said it was Elfis.  We decided to see where it was coming from and headed up the stairs.  As we got near the top, we could see right away that the door to Natalie’s room, which is usually closed, was wide open, and her light was on.  The was music coming from her room.  Justin Bieber music.  First words I recognized?  “I just need somebody to looooovvveee…”

What the…?

We walked in to find this:

He was sitting on Natalie’s bed, holding Justin Bieber’s guitar (from Natalie’s Bieber doll), wearing a shiny blazer and some black hightop sneakers.  Next to him was the CD booklet for the music he was listening to, AND he had three lovely ladies (Barbies) at his feet watching him.  He must have been putting on a concert and we interrupted it!

Oh, that Elfis!  Is he just a huge Bieber fan?  A Belieber, maybe??    ;-}
Was he disappointed that Natalie doesn’t have the Bieber Christmas album?

I noticed that Ken was not invited to this party.  Does that mean Elfis is trying to find a girlfriend?  Will there be more adventures with these ladies?  Or maybe one in particular?  I wonder if he prefers blondes or brunettes?  Or maybe the pink hair and fairy green leg tattoos?  (Does a fairy + an elf make a good couple?  I don’t know.)

Anyway, back to us…  Cooper first insisted that we turn OFF the music.  I don’t think he liked what Elfis was up to.  But just a couple minutes later, he wanted the music back on, and we danced for a couple songs.  (He would NOT let me take a picture of him dancing though!)  Now I can’t stop singing “Baby, baby, baby, ohhhh…”  Gotta love that Justin Bieber.


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