Elfcapades 2012: Day 5 – Happy Thanksgiving!

Elfis was a very busy boy today.  It was a big day – Thanksgiving.  I wonder if Elves are familiar with Thanksgiving, or if they only know Christmas?  Well, since Elfis was here early this year, he got to celebrate with us.

It was a lazy morning at home, and nobody thought about Elfis until after breakfast.  When I asked Cooper where Elfis was, he just told me in Natalie’s room.  Well, that’s where he was yesterday.  I don’t know if he’d still be there today.  After all, he did have to report to Santa last night, so wouldn’t he be doing something different by now???

So, we started looking around.  Downstairs first.  No sign of Elfis.  So we moved on upstairs.  Cooper kept shushing me all the way up the stairs, as if I was going to scare away Elfis if he heard me or something.  First thing Cooper did was go straight into Natalie’s room, only to find no Elfis there.  My suspicions were confirmed; he had moved on to something else.  We checked out Cooper’s room next; no Elfis.  Then the bonus room; no Elfis.  Then my room; no Elfis.  And then Bennett’s room.  Wouldn’t you know it?  Still no Elfis.

At this point, I was ready to give up and just find him later.  It was Thanksgiving, and we needed to get moving.  The boys needed baths, we needed to get dressed, adults showered and ready, make a fruit salad, eat lunch, pack the car, and head out.  No time to be searching high and low for this sneaky little Elf.

I headed to the bathroom to start a bath for the boys, and guess what I found?  Yep, you got it.  Elfis was in the bathroom!

Wearing a towel with another towel on his head?  He took a shower!  Who’d a thunk it?

I called Cooper in the bathroom to show him the silly little Elf, and he couldn’t believe it.  He had to run out and tell his dad, and then since dad was on the phone with Nana, he had to tell Nana, too!  After we got over the silliness, the boys took their bath with Elfis hanging out.  We got dressed, at lunch, ready to go…

As we were loading up the car to leave, we found another surprise.  Elfis had snuck out of the house and into the car!

He wrote “Road Trip!” on the mini etch-a-sketch Cooper keeps in the car and got himself cozy in the console.  He left us a note that said he’d never been on a road trip before, and he didn’t want to be alone on Thanksgiving, so he was excited to come along with us.  And, not only that, he brought a new movie for Cooper to watch in the car, “Curious George’s A Very Monkey Christmas.” What a nice treat!

Cooper and Elfis watched the movie, while Bennett napped all the way to Fox Island.  We picked up Natalie, and told her all about what Elfis has been up to.  Then we hung out at Nana and Papa’s house and ate a TON of Thanksgiving dinner (and dessert).  And when we headed home, Elfis was in the car waiting for us to head back home.  It was a long day for all, and we are all exhausted.  Some of us are going to join the crazies in the morning to do some shopping, so we need to get our sleep.  Lets hope it’s a quiet night, huh?  (In other words: Stay out of trouble, Elfis!)


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