Elfcapades 2012: Day 9

Elfis was a tough one to find today.  Cooper insisted on searching for him before leaving this morning.  He and his dad turned on all the lights looking around the house, but no such luck.  When I picked him up this afternoon, as soon as we walked in the house, he told me we needed to find Elfis.  We did a quick once-over of the dining room area, but Cooper felt sure that Elfis was upstairs again.

So, we headed upstairs.  As we were heading up the stairs, Cooper shushed me.  Doesn’t matter that I wasn’t making any noise.  He now shushes me every time we head upstairs to look for Elfis.  Maybe that helps us find him better?  Or, maybe he won’t hear us coming and he won’t run off to hide?  I don’t know.

Cooper told me that Elfis was in his room.  I don’t know why the thought that.  Wishful thinking maybe?  First, he checked the bathroom and looked in the shower.  No Elfis there.  Then we checked his room.  Still no Elfis.  We proceeded to look in all the other rooms upstairs: Bennett’s room, Natalie’s room, the bonus room.  I’ve noticed that Cooper tends to search Elfis’ previous locations first (just like when Cooper plays hide & seek – his favorite spots are the ones he has already done!).

When we got to the bonus room, there was a mess of toys from yesterday, so I set Bennett down to play with those while I picked them up.  Cooper was looking all over now: on the eliptical machine, on the couch, by the tv, etc.  Then we found him!  He was clearly getting some exercise before we found him.  He was caught up in the Nerf basketball net.

Cooper thought it was pretty silly, though he immediately wanted to join in.  He went and ran to find another basketball (didn’t want the Nerf ball that was on the floor the Elfis was clearly using).  He tossed the ball around for a while, but then lost interest and chose to smother his brother instead.  (Probably his #1 favorite thing to do!)

Not too much trouble from Elfis today.  We’ll see what he’s up to tomorrow…


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