Elfcapades 2012: Day 10

As always, Elfis never stops surprising us.  So far, it seems as if he’s just having a good time here without getting into too much trouble.  Up to no good sometimes, yes.  But nothing too bad quite yet.  (Except for the candy mess over the weekend, when he had to go to TimeOut.)

Today he must have decided that we’re slacking on the Christmas decorating.  He is from Santa’s Workshop after all, so it’s probaly a bit strange for him to be in this new place, without any snow or signs of Christmas at every glance.  I guess it’s logical then that he would be a little eager to get this place all decked out.

Somehow he managed to locate some of our Christmas decorations and dragged in a bundle of lights.  And he got all tangled up in the mess.

He even left a note asking if we can decorate yet.  I’ve got my fingers crossed that he can hold out until this weekend when we will have time to get it all done.  It’s only Tuesday though, so we’ll see.  Patience, Elfis.  Please be patient.  There are still 4 weeks left until Christmas.  There will be plenty of time to enjoy it all.


2 responses to “Elfcapades 2012: Day 10”

  1. Margo Burnell says :

    I can’t keep up with all the escapades of that little Elfis. He is something else. I not sure who is having the most fun, Cooper? or Mommy? Tell Elfis to come on by Great Grammies house the tree is up, the decorations are around the house and my outside lights look great. Hope Elfis can be good til the weekend so he can watch you decorate.
    Love Great Grammie

  2. Ann Martinson-Bartlett says :

    Watch those lights Elfis!! Cooper you are doing such a great job keeping track of Elfis … he is a busy elf isn’t he? Decorating will begin for real this weekend and he will be much happier and maybe, just maybe a little less elfish!


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