Elfcapades 2012: Day 14

Saturday morning and you’d think we could sleep in.  But nooooooo…  Two noisy little boys were up early and were ready to play.  As I stumbled downstairs to join the rest of the family, I walked into the kitchen to see this:


It seems Elfis was a very busy little Elf last night.  He ran a gigantic paperchain across the kitchen.  It goes across four separate times!  Natalie counted the links in the chain and came up with 209!  Wow.  That’s a LOT!  We found him hanging out at the very end of the chain (above the refrigerator).


In addition, there was a note and a smaller paper chain on the table.  This chain has numbers on all the links, from one to twenty-five.


Elfis made a sort of Advent Calendar paper chain, for the kids to count down the days left until Christmas.  We hung it up and let Cooper cut off the number 25.  So that means 24 days left until Christmas.  Wow, that is coming so fast!


Through the rest of the day, we managed to get the outside lights finished (thanks, Jeff!), got our tree up but not yet decorated (tomorrow, I swear!), and a few other things up around the house (stockings hung, etc).  And it seems we have a second Elf in training today, too:


Short of a natural disaster, we’ll get our tree decorated tomorrow!


One response to “Elfcapades 2012: Day 14”

  1. Margo Burnell says :

    OK I have dibbs on the “elf in training”. Love that little man or elf as it may be. And my oh my he looks more like his mother these days with the tongue sticking out. I can just see the smile on your Papa’s face, Michelle at that one!!!!
    Good luck with the decorations tomorrow. Maybe next Sunday if you are home I could pop out for a little visit to see how it all looks. Did the kids open their Advent calendars today. I have one and also got one on the computer from Jaquie Lawson which is really fun. Tonight I had a little Christmas entertainment , joining Uncle Tim and Aunt Glenda at the Trilogy Singers concert at our clubhouse. Very nice. I’ll be tuning in tomorrow to see what has happened at the Martinsons. Hi Natalie. Love GGma

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