Elfcapades 2012: Day 21

Oh, what a busy day we had today.

As to be expected on a Saturday, the little ones were up bright and early.  We headed downstairs to find a handful of surprises waiting for us.  First, we noticed that our Magic Elf Garden kit had grown overnight and turned into cookies!


Of course the kids begged to have a cookie right away.  And, trying not to spoil the treat, I decided to let them share one (they were pretty big).

As soon as we go through eyeing the cookies, we noticed some Santa hats and a note on the kitchen table:


The note was from Elfis (of course) and said:
I heard you are having family pictures today.  Maybe you can all wear these Santa hats in some of the pictures?  Have fun and be good!
Love, Elfis

Well, thanks Elfis.  That was sweet!  Picking up her hat, Natalie noticed there was a little something inside, too.  Each of the kids received a Santa hat, a quick note from Elfis (Natalie’s told her to keep being good; Bennett’s had a smiley face inside it; Cooper’s said he was a good big brother and a good listener), and a little stuffed animal-ball-thingy.  (Honestly, I don’t know what they are, or what to call them!)  But the kids enjoyed them!!!

Elfis2012-21-3  Elfis2012-21-5Elfis2012-21-4

Then we went out by the tree to try to take some pictures.  Of course, trying to get three kids looking at the camera and smiling all at the same time is nearly impossible.

Elfis2012-21-7 Elfis2012-21-8 Elfis2012-21-9

After they’d had enough of getting their picture taken, they realized that with all of this good stuff, we still hadnt’ seen Elfis anywhere.  So, Cooper and Natalie started looking for him.  They looked downstairs.  They looked upstairs.  They looked downstairs again, and upstairs again.  I started trying to think of places for them to look.  No luck.  He was hiding, and hiding good.

It wasn’t until Cooper finally asked me for a glass of milk that I opened up the fridge and found this:


Yes, that’s our milk.  And it was green.  And Elfis decided to help himself to one of the Magic Cookies and some green milk.  (Natalie’s first reaction was wondering if Elfis PEED in the milk since last week when he peed in the toilet, that turned green also! – HA HA!!!)

Oh my.  Needless to say, our cereal this morning was a bit interesting with green milk on it.

After breakfast, we all headed upstairs to get bathed and dressed.  At some point while we were up there, Elfis must have decided that it’s too hard to watch us from inside the refrigerator, so he managed to get out of there and find himself another sneaky little spot to hide.  –  Once Natalie realized he was not in the fridge anymore, it took her probably another 10 minutes or so to find him in his new spot (still in the kitchen):


He managed to stay there the rest of the day while we had a busy day.  We had somebody come to the house to do a family photo shoot.  The kids (mainly the two-year-old) weren’t willing to wear their Santa hats, so it’s a good thing I got those earlier pictures.  Then, after we were done with pictures, we went and grabbed a quick bite to eat, then headed out to the Garden D’lights, a pretty incredible holiday light show.  Here’s some pictures from the evening:

Kids and Mom holiday lights 12.8.12  Coop and Mom holiday lights 12.8.12-2 Bennett bundled up for holiday lights 12.8.12

Now we’re home and the munchkins are all asleep.  It’s time for this tired mom to hit the hay as well.  Tomorrow’s not quite so busy, but with three little ones and a crazy Elf, we need all the sleep we can get!


One response to “Elfcapades 2012: Day 21”

  1. Margo Burnell says :

    My oh my! what a busy day. What a super collection of pictures of 3 of my precious great grandchildren. I’m not sure about the green milk and Magic Garden Cookies?? Despite Elfis being a bit of a “pain” some days all in all he had been very entertaining. And this GGma has been enjoying the Tales of Elfis at the Martinson Home. I just got home from seeing Mackenzie dance in Nutcracker. It was really a nice show. Of course I saw it yesterday afternoon, too. Hope you have a great day tomorrow looking for Elfis.
    Love and hugs, GGma

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