Elfcapades 2012: Day 22

More mischief in the Martinson household today.  Not a whole lot, but just one silly little thing that was a bit unexpected.  We caught Elfis as he was adding a little creative graffiti to our photographs!  Check out what he did:

P1040656 Elfis2012-22-1 P1040658 Elfis2012-22-2 Elfis2012-22-3

HAHA!  Silly little Elf.

Cooper’s really cracks me up for sure!  It’s the only one that’s zoomed in enough to give much room for the facial makeover.

Somebody asked Cooper this afternoon if he wanted to erase the drawing on his face, and he said no, that he wanted to keep it there forever.  Funny kid.

Elfis stayed put in his spot all day long, so no more mischief was caused.  I’m guessing though it’s because he was right out so close to where we all were all day, and he didn’t want to get caught on the move.  So, at least that kept things fairly mellow… Until tomorrow, that is.


One response to “Elfcapades 2012: Day 22”

  1. Margo Burnell says :

    Well thank heavens he chose to draw on the photo’s that are under glass. You were lucky. How did the photo shoot with Lori go on Sat?
    I better get back to wrapping packages so I am ready for our early Christmas next Sat. By the way Elfis really looks cute on the picture he is posed by today.
    Get some rest, Love, GGma

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