Elfcapades 2012: Day 24

It was a typically early Tuesday morning today, and I had to leave for work before everybody else was up & moving.  When I got down stairs, I saw something that surprised me.  And I figured it would also surprise (and posibly disturn) my two-year-old, so I made sure to snap a couple photos before it was ruined:

Elfis2012-24-4 Elfis2012-24-5 Elfis2012-24-6

That’s right.  Elfis and girlfriend were on a little cruise through the dining room.  And they had a chain of cars following behind them.

Before I picked the kids up this afternoon, I asked the hubby if Elfis was found this morning and how it went.  He said yes, and that it was a disaster, that Cooper did NOT approve.  Apparently Cooper saw it from upstairs, then went downstairs and proceeded to kick the cars and mess up the line.  So funny.  I guess he doesn’t like his toys touched by anyone else.  (No wait, I don’t have to “guess” that.  I already know it.)

On our way home, I asked him about it, if he knew where Elfis was.  He told me “In Natalie’s car”.  Yes, he was in Natalies (Barbie) car.  And he said “…with Barbie… and lots of cars in a line!”  He didn’t seem upset about it.  But when I asked him if he liked it, he was very clear answering “NO”.   He also told me that we (he and I) needed to clean up the mess when we got home, and that Elfis was bad and needed (yet another) timeout.  I told him that I didn’t think Elfis was bad, that he just wanted to play with some toys, and that Cooper needed to share sometimes.  (That is a conversation that never goes very well.)

When we got home, he right away went to show me, and there were the cars all scattered around.  He got the box the cars are kept in, and started picking them up quickly.  (See little brother in the background just watching, trying to figure out what’s going on?)

Elfis2012-24-3 Elfis2012-24-2

And, even though we all know we’re not supposed to touch Elfis, Cooper seemed to think it would be ok to play with the car while Elfis was inside.  I reminded him to be careful, so he didn’t touch Elfis.


But the speedy little army-crawler soon caught up and was making a beeline for the car (and Elfis), so we decided it would be best to put it up on the table so Bennett wouldn’t get Elfis.


One response to “Elfcapades 2012: Day 24”

  1. Margo Burnell says :

    WOW!! a close call for Elfis with Bennett about to “attack”. Gee 13 more days til Christmas I’m just wondering what more trouble that little elf can get into? Well tomorrow the “mommy” is home all day. What on earth will Elfis manage to get in to?
    Sleep well Mommy
    Love GGma
    PS cute pictures today and is Bennetts hair getting that light or was it just the light in the room? I miss my little man.

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