Elfcapades 2012: Day 26

Oh the drama. A love triangle. In my house??? Ugh.

Our not-so-nice Elf was caught today with a new lady-friend.  And Cooper told me he was KISSING her!  What will Barbie say???


This can’t be good.  Santa, if you’re watching, your Elf is being naughty!

In other non-Elf news, our littlest monster is busy getting into anything and everything he can.  In the last week he has mastered pulling up to his knees to sit and reach whatever he wants, and is now working on pulling himself up to stand.  His little legs are still pretty wobbly though, just like jell-o, so he needs a  little more practice.  He’s also showing a bit of interest in the stairs.  Not good.

Elfis2012-26-4 Elfis2012-26-3 Elfis2012-26-2

Here he is – busted!  Caught digging into big brothers toys & books.


One response to “Elfcapades 2012: Day 26”

  1. Nana says :

    And he looks so proud of himself. What a cutie.

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