Elfcapades 2012: Day 28

Elfis was fairly sneaky this morning with his silly antics.  Natalie searched and searched high and low multiple times and could not find him.  When I got up, she was concerned and thought maybe he was in the car because that was the only place she hadn’t looked, other than my bedroom.  So, rather than check outside (or in the garage), I suggested she finish looking inside the house first.  (Panty? Check.  Refrigerator?  Check.  Freezer?  Uh, not yet…)  Still, no dice.  Then she headed back upstairs and found him the instant she walked into my room.


It seems he took some friends on a joyride on our ceiling fan.  And while we were sleeping, too!  (No wonder my back was a little chilly last night!)  Look closely:  the flying team was secured to each fan blade with nothing other than Cooper’s underwear again.  (What is it with toddler underwear for this Elf???)  Joining Elfis on the fan ride was Sheriff Woody (from Toy Story), Barbie (the girlfriend/ex-girlfriend? – maybe they made up?), a stuffed Monkey of Bennett’s, and Cooper’s stuffed Moose.  What a motley-crew.

Of course, once Cooper saw this, he insisted that we immediately take it all down.  Since we can’t touch Elfis though, I was able to get the other buddies down, and their underwear holsters, but had to leave Elfis flying high.

A couple hours later, Natalie went to go check on Elfis and found he was missing, no longer hanging on the fan.  So, she and Cooper were on the hunt again.  They searched and searched (for the second time in one day), and finally found him in Cooper’s room, trying to break into one of Cooper’s piggy banks!

Elfis2012-28-1 Elfis2012-28-2

And, can you guess Cooper’s response?  (It’s getting a bit predictable, if I do say so myself.)  “Elfis needs to go to TimeOut.”  He was not pleased.  And then he lectured Elfis not to steal his money (or as he calls it, “minney”), and that he just needed to go get his own.  (Ummm, isn’t that what he was trying to do?  Get his own money?  …  Just by stealing, that’s all.)  Not good, Elfis.  Naughty, naughty, naughty.

Elfis was still hanging out at the piggy bank at bedtime tonight, so no TimeOut happened today.  Maybe tomorrow.  We never know what will happen next…


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