Elfcapades 2012: Day 29

Oh, this Elf has got some nerve!  I was woken up this morning at 5am by the two-year old who needed help going to the bathroom.  (Sometimes I wish potty training hadn’t gone so well and we were still in diapers overnight!  I sure would sleep a lot more.)  As I headed in to the bathroom with him, we noticed something was amiss.  The toilet paper holder was taken apart, and the roll of toilet paper had somehow rolled out of the bathroom and down the stairs somewhere.  This is SO not what I wanted to deal with at 5am.  We finished up with our bathroom business and just went back to bed, but not before Cooper made sure I knew that he did not do this; it was Elfis.  –  Funny, as if that even crossed my mind.  At least he’s making sure to stay out of trouble!

When I got up an hour later with the wide-awake baby, we headed down the stairs to discover that the toilet paper roll made it all the way down the stairs, across the dining room, and nearly into the living room.  At the end of the path, we found Elfis tucked into the center of the toilet paper roll.  My best guess is that he decided to go for a downhill roll (aka: joy ride) to have a little fun while we were sleeping.

Elfis2012-29-3 Elfis2012-29-7

Then we discovered the rest of his trouble-making: Elfis tp’d our Christmas Tree!


Oh boy, if that would have happened in my house when I was growing up, my parents surely would have kicked him out.  That little Elf would have no longer been welcome in our house.  (They sure took tp-ing VERY personally back then!)  Anyway, though we were not thrilled about it, we certainly were not trying to get rid of Elfis today.  (He has done worse.  Remember Natalie’s toothbrush?!?!?)

After breakfast, we headed out to go see Santa.  In retrospect, we should have said something to him about Elfis and his behavior, but we didn’t think about it at the time.  I think we were just so shocked that the same visit that took us nearly three hours last year was over within 20 minutes this year!  (Amazing!)  The kids all were happy to see Santa, and Cooper and Natalie were sure to make sure Santa knew just what they wanted Santa to bring them for Christmas.  The only down side?  It’s hard to get three kids to all look and smile at the camera at the exact same time.  So, we just decided to be happy that nobody was crying or scared, and went with this one:

Santa 12.16.12

A while after we got back home, we were cleaning up all of the toilet paper and Cooper found Elfis had moved from the tp roll onto his little rocking chair.  Cooper then told me that Elfis was having a little TimeOut.  (Of course.  He has needed one for quite some time now.)

Elfis2012-29-1 Elfis2012-29-2

We finished up our afternoon enjoying some new finger paints from the first of our many family Christmases this year :

Finger Painting-1 Finger Painting-2

The kids are all in bed now, and it’s time to wind down for the night.  I don’t know what Elfis is up to, but I’m going to stop worrying about him until tomorrow.  My closing thoughts? – Only 9 days left until Elfis is gone Christmas morning!  🙂


One response to “Elfcapades 2012: Day 29”

  1. Mom says :

    “TP’ing is a major offense…and shouldn’t be taken lightly…….. so funny! 🙂

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