Elfcapades 2012: Day 34

We’re getting so close.  Only 4 days left now until Christmas.  To Cooper, that means 4 days until he gets presents.  (What he doesn’t know is that really, presents will start on Sunday, more on Monday, then finally the “real” Christmas on Tuesday.)  But, 4 more days…  I had a little chat with him at dinner tonight trying to explain how Elfis will go home when Santa comes to bring our presents, and then on Christmas, when we get to open all the presents, Elfis won’t be here anymore.  He said “Ok” and seemed to understand.  Hopefully he does.

Early this morning, Cooper caught a glimpse of Elfis in the bonus room with Barbie.  (They must have made up by now!)  They were sitting on the couch playing MarioCart on the Wii.  How fun.  Cooper thought that was pretty fun.


I didn’t get to see who was winning because by the time I went back to check in on them, they were both gone.  (Though their mess was still on the couch!)  Cooper found them this afternoon in his room, hanging with his robots.  It seems he was trying to blend in, but in my opinion he looks a little more like some sort of spaceman rather than a robot…

Elfis2012-34-6 Elfis2012-34-5

Strange Elf.
That’s what I think.  But hey, he’s having fun, right?  I guess that’s what matters.  Well, that and the fact that he didn’t get too messy or too crazy today.  Like I said before: 4 more days…

Then tonight we had some good cheap fun.  I opened up two early Christmas presents!  🙂

Elfis2012-34-3 Elfis2012-34-4

Elfis2012-34-1 Elfis2012-34-2


3 responses to “Elfcapades 2012: Day 34”

  1. Margo Burnell says :

    Another day in the life of Elfis at the Martinsons. I’m sure Elfis will miss all the fun times he has had with your family but I am sure he is anxious to get back to the North Pole with Santa and Mrs Claus and all the other elves and to share their stories of life with the families they stayed with for the month they helped children prepare for the coming of Santa. Sounds like you have lots of celebrations going on from now til Monday. Have fun. Hugs GGma

  2. PAPA says :

    Someone in this saga is extremely imaginative & full of fun & Christmas revelry. VERY impressive!

    Ho Ho Ho!

  3. Mom says :

    Looks like you received the best presents ever!

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