Elfcapades 2012: Day 35

Only THREE more days until Christmas!  It’s coming so quickly.  I think we’re ready…

This morning was an unusually late one for me.  I woke up just before 7am when I heard the baby in his room.  I got up to go check on him and saw some lights on downstairs.  Wondering what was going on, I headed downstairs.  Thanfully, it wasn’t Elfis causing some trouble.  Natalie and Cooper were already awake and quietly watching cartoons.  She heard him getting up, and since she was already awake, she told him not to wake up mom and dad, and she brought him downstairs, got him a cup of milk, and started watching cartoons.  (Merry Christmas to mom & dad, huh?!?!)  🙂

Though Elfis was not the source of light and noise from downstairs, he was not hard to find.  He and Barbie were on the kitchen counter, with Christmas coloring sheets and crayons.  Another date, perhaps?  There were also two small Christmas-y plastic cups on the counter by them filled with what was labeled as “Elf Kisses”.  (And FYI, Elf Kisses are pretty tasty!)

Elfis2012-35-5 Elfis2012-35-4

Notice Elfis has a heart that reads “Elfis + Barbie”.  And as usual, Cooper decided not to be a good sharer.  He immediately insisted on putting his crayons away.

A couple hours later, after we’d all been upstairs for a while, Natalie discovered that Elfis and Barbie were missing.  The kids searched and searched but could not find them.  Cooper thought they were gone; Natalie thought they were in the garage.  Finally I suggested they start looking a little more thoroughly, maybe in the cupboards, in closets, etc.  And in the first closet she checked, Natalie found them!  Here are Elfis and Barbie, and one more Barbie (fairy?) having a little disco party (sans music) in the closet.

Elfis2012-35-3 Elfis2012-35-2

They managed to stay in the closet for the rest of the day.  It was in a pretty open area of the house, so would have been hard for them to sneak out while we were so close by.

This evening we decided to go check out some Christmas lights and came across a home with 100,000 plus lights synced to music.  (Woodiville Wonderland)  This place was very cool.

WoodinvilleWonderland1 WoodinvilleWonderland2

It was a pretty popular place, with lots of other people there, too.  Look who else happened to visit at the same time:

Santa&MrsClaus in car

Yep, Santa and Mrs. Claus!  They were out for a cruise and happened to be driving by as we were walking up to the house.  So many kids were excited and they stopped to say hi and hand out some candy canes.  Cooper even gave Santa a high-five!  What a night.

Now, we only have 2 more days with Elfis.  And they’re both pretty big deals.  First, tomorrow we have a family Christmas gathering at our house (Elfis’ first party here – I hope he behaves!).  And then Christmas Eve is his last day with us.  Fingers crossed he can stay out of trouble for just two more days!


One response to “Elfcapades 2012: Day 35”

  1. Margo Burnell says :

    Well what a little sweetie that Natalie was this morning to let the folks sleep in a little and to keep an eye on Cooper. Thank you Natalie from Great Grandma. Tomorrow must be the Martinson Family Christmas. Please tell everyone hello and Merry Christmas from your FAV Grammie. I think I’m going to miss Elfis as much as Cooper, Natalie and even Bennett will. He has really become a part of the family. Is there any talk of his coming back to the Martinson’s home next year. I’ll bet even Barbie and her girl friends are going to miss the little guy.
    I’ll be at Aunt Laura’s tomorrow night so won’t be able to respond til Monday as the computer is in the bedroom so after Mike goes to work on Monday I will check my mail. Unless you write earlier in the day. Not sure what time you have the party. Hope Elfis will behave and stay out of the way so no one touches him.

    Hugs to you all.

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