Elfcapades 2012: Day 36

And the countdown continues.  Only 2 days left…

Today was our family Christmas party at our house.  I wondered what Elfis would be up to, not sure if he’d be hiding or out for everyone to see, or whether he’d be causing trouble or not.  Well, we found out early this morning when we got up.  Elfis decided to give us a presents (kind of???).  It’s  not exactly a present I would ask for…

Elfis2012-36-2 Elfis2012-36-1

“Ho Ho Ho. Who has to go?”  Yes, that’s right.  He hung out (literally) in the bathroom all day.  I think he made a few of our guests a tad bit uncomfortable when using the bathroom.

However, because we had so many people in the house today, he didn’t get much chance to sneak around and stayed in the bathroom all day long.

For those of us NOT hanging in the bathroom all day long, we had a good time.  Lots of people, tons of food, and TONS and TONS of presents.  Here’s the pile of loot in a quiet moment before the kids ripped everything open:


And a couple shots of the group just as the madness started.  Shortly after these photos, there were wrapping paper balls flying everywhere!

Elfis2012-36-4 Elfis2012-36-5

Now, the evening is coming to an end, and we’re realizing that tomorrow is our last day with Elfis.  Mixed feelings over here – sad, yet relieved, to see our little Elf head out as Santa comes to bring us our presents.  One more day.  What will he do???


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