Elfcapades 2012: Day 37

It’s Christmas Eve, and that means it’s our last day with Elfis. We woke up this morning to find him jamming with a band of buddies. He brought his own saxophone (which Cooper quickly claimed as his own), and had Sheriff Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and Slinky Dog playing along on some other instruments.


There was also a note for us. It reminded us that today was Elfis’ last day at our house, that tonight when Santa comes to fill our stockings, Elfis will leave and go home with Santa. (And by the way, he assured us that we definitely will be getting our stockings filled because he told Santa we’ve all been good!) Elfis also thanked us for having him at our house, and apologized for sometimes misbehaving. He said he would miss us, but not to be sad because he will be back next year! (Oh great, thinks this mom!).

At the end of his note, there was a surprise for us. He said that because he was leaving, Santa would lift his magic for just a minute after we finished reading his letter, and we’d be able to touch him gently, and hug & kiss him goodbye, then put him back where we found him so he could get ready to go home with Santa. Cooper and I gently said our goodbyes and put him back. That sure made one little boy very happy! It was a very sweet moment.


Elfis2012-37-2 Elfis2012-37-1

Now it’s time for bed, for us to sleep, and for Santa to visit. Goodbye, Elfis. It’s been fun. See you next year, I guess.


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