Elfcapades 2012: Day 38 – Merry Christmas!

Christmas Day has come (and nearly passed). We woke up to find that Santa did, in fact, come to our house. Cooper kept insisting that he didn’t come, but I think that’s because he never saw him, so therefore he didn’t believe it. But the evidence was by the fireplace and in our stockings.

Xmas2012-1 Xmas2012-2

The first thing we noticed was the row of colorful sleds all lined up behind our over-stuffed stockings. Then we discovered one last sign of Elfis. He was gone, but didn’t want us to forget about him, so he left us a large frame on our mantle with a 8×10 photo of himself. There was a note scribbled on the picture saying not to forget him and that he’ll miss us.

Xmas2012-3 Xmas2012-4

The kids didn’t have very much time to be sad missing their new buddy though because we quickly dove in to the presents. And I’m pretty sure we didn’t come up for air for 14 hours. Wow, these kids (and parents) are pretty darn spoiled.

Xmas2012-5 Xmas2012-6 Xmas2012-7 Xmas2012-8

What a nice day with family. Now it’s time to unwind and move on back to our regular (pre-holiday) routine, if we can remember what that’s all about…

Merry Christmas, everyone! Thanks for sharing in our Elfcapades. 🙂


2 responses to “Elfcapades 2012: Day 38 – Merry Christmas!”

  1. Mom says :

    Such wonderful memories created! Good job Michelle!

  2. Margo Burnell says :

    OK, and just what is this GGma suppose to do now without her nightly bedtime reading of the Elfcapades each night before my bedtime? I have really enjoyed your adventures with Elfis and I hope he he returns next year I can come out and meet the little guy. That was sweet that Elfis left a picture for you to remember him by. Love you all and Happy New Year to the Martinson clan.

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