Where does the time go?

2012 has come and gone, and we’re 1/3 of the way through 2013 already.  Life just gets in the way, I guess.  Who has time to write a blog when you’re busy working, taking care of the family/household, and chasing down two very busy little (crazy) toddlers?!?! 

Well, it’s about time we try to get caught up…  I’ll try to work on it.  (Cross your fingers.)

You always hear people telling stories of the funny (and odd, crazy…) things kids say.  I want to try to remember some of the things we hear with our little ones because really, they just crack me up sometimes.  And usually we forget about it within days.  But they could be great stories to tell a girlfriend when the boys are 16…  (Gotta start working on embarrassing my children now!) 

So, here goes my first one:
About a month or so ago, Jeff was out of town and I decided to do an easy drive-thru dinner for the kids (and myself).  We’re in my car, both boys in their carseats in the back, and I’ve just ordered dinner for Cooper and I (Bennett was too young to need his own fast food!).  As I started to drive forward towards the window, Cooper asked me “Mom, is that my dad?” He was asking about the voice on the other end of the speaker.  My response? “Umm… No, that’s not your dad.”  And then without hesitation he said, “It’s kinda my dad.”  Ummm… No, Cooper, it’s not KINDA your dad.  Not one tiny bit. 
Cracked me up!  I’m not sure what was going through that little brain, but hopefully he gets it now.  🙂

And back in January, another time Jeff was gone, there was a day (just one? – probably not) where these little monsters of mine were driving me insane.  Both kids were extra crazy, which means this mom was extra moody.  At one point in the evening, Bennett was playing with my cell phone and because the keyboard was locked, I didn’t think anything of it.  Well, at one point the phone rang.  I picked up it and noticed it was a local number, though I didn’t recognize it.  Wondering if it was the doctor’s office (we’d just been there for a sick kiddo) or daycare of something, I answered the call.  On the other line, I hear a friendly female voice saying, “Hello.  This is 911.  We just got a call from this number is everything ok?”  …  WHAT IN THE WORLD?!?!?!    So Bennett called 911 (using the emergency call feature on my phone).  At 9 months old, I’m thinking this kid didn’t just make a mistake, that he’s actually pretty smart and was aware that his mom was going to lose it, so was calling in for some help to save himself before it was too late!

Well, that’s it for now.  Updates on some big birthdays and other early 2013 events (catching up) to come soon (I hope).


One response to “Where does the time go?”

  1. Andrea Sebring says :

    Moms live for embarrassing moments they can use for blackmailing purposes down the road!

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