One year old already?!??!

Last year on Easter we had an eventful day and welcomed our sweet little baby Bennett.  Since then time has flown and he has made our family so much more complete.  Our sweet and tiny blue-eyed little baby has turned into such a happy, smiley little boy.  His eyes are still bright blue and his smile just gets bigger and bigger (and is now filled with a bunch of teeth!).

In just one year, we went from this

Welcome Baby Bennett!

to this.

Birthday Boy!

He is so big now.  Our little baby is long gone, and now we have a sweet little boy.  Here’s a quick breakdown of how much he’s accomplished in his first year:

13 weeks: 1st haircut (he had such crazy hair!)
4 months: started rolling over
7 months: started crawling
10 months: started walking, first FOUR teeth at once
12 months: birthday, first 3 words

We celebrated Bennett’s birthday with a nice family party.  And, of course, he was spoiled with presents and his own cake.  Here are some fun pictures of the cake smashing fun:

Bennett's b-day cakes Cake smash@

And then on his actual birthday, we made blue and green cupcakes (with white frosting & green sprinkles) to take to his class to celebrate with his friends.  Before school, we caught a picture of the two brothers being big goofballs.


Later that evening, we went out to dinner to celebrate and treated Bennett to his first dining out meal of his own: pizza.  And, of course, that’s one of his faves, so he chowed down.

One of Bennett’s presents was a lawn mower, so he can be just like his big brother (and dad) and they can all mow together.  Here he is trying it out in the kitchen.

Lawn Mower!

And then after dinner we celebrated by singing happy birthday and eating another round of cupcakes.  Bennett is definitely a fan of the frosting, but was pretty fond of his #1 candle, too.

Mmmm Cupcake Cupcake Face

Overall it was a fun couple of days celebrating this big milestone.

And to top it off, within a week of his birthday, we heard him say his first three words: Mama, More, and Hi.  We’ve only heard “mama” a couple times, usually when he’s crying and wants something (mom), but we hear “more” and “hi” as if they’re a broken record on repeat.

So much fun watching these little guys grow!


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