Spring Break 2013!

Mid-April we were lucky enough to get away for a small vacation to Scottsdale, Arizona.  It was convenient for us that Jeff had a quick business trip down there, so we decided to pack up the boys and join him down there for the better part of a week!  (Sure beats staying at home playing single mom!) 

This was Bennett’s first flight, and Cooper’s second – though his first was when he was only 10 months old, so he doesn’t remember it.  Both boys did much better than expected during both flights.  Bennett slept most of each flight, and was able to stay pretty happy (out of his carseat) for the final legs of the ride.  Cooper thought it was the coolest thing.  He got to sit in a seat with a seatbelt – like a big boy (no carseat); he was served ice water in a cup; got to get a bag of snacks on the plane and eat lots of fun lunch food; and he watched a movie on the laptop we brought.  He was a happy kid. 

A couple pictures at the airport:

The boys watching the airline employees outside, seeing the planes come & go, getting loaded, etc.

Ready for take-off!

We found a vacation rental home with all the bells and whistles we wanted: 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, fully-stocked kitchen, 80′ big screen tv (with hundreds of movies and every cable channel available), a piano, pool table, and reclining leather sofas.  (Not to mention Jeff’s dreamy set up with all of the fancy electronics – inside AND out!)  And then there was the outside – the backyard was amazing!  There was a huge covered patio with a table & chairs and outdoor ceiling fan; a nice grassy area for running around or laying in the sun; a built-in BBQ with bar-top on the backside; an in-ground gas firepit with seating all around; an in-ground jacuzzi that overflowed into the over-sized in-ground pool; another private seating area by a horseshoe pit; and a small putting green with a dozen or so holes/slopes for practicing your putting skills.  (Of course they had plenty of putters, horseshoes, pool floats, etc. to keep us busy, too.)  Everything outside (fans, music, pool bubblers) was controlled via remote; Jeff was loving it.

The house was perfect for us, both inside and out. We spent as much time as we could in the backyard.  Here are some photos of this amazing place:

ScottsdaleBackyard1 ScottsdaleBackyard2-Pool ScottsdaleBackyard3 ScottsdaleBackyard4

It became very clear to us that we need to work on some swim lessons for Cooper.  His fear of the water was a bit of a downer as he spent most of his outside time sitting on the edge and letting his toes dangle in the water rather than getting in and having fun with us.  Here are some pictures of him with his dad, testing the waters.

Testing the waters Playing in the Little Pool 

Bennett, on the other hand, is a total fish.  He was content just floating around for an hour or so without much entertainment at all.  He loved the pool and even demanded one morning that I take him in there! 

Pool Time-1  

We only were able to get Cooper in the water by a forceful effort, but after a few minutes of tears we tricked him into having fun and he (for the most part) forgot about his fears for a short while.  He really enjoyed playing with the pool noodle.


We did manage to do a couple things away from the house.  One day while Jeff was working, I took the boys to the Penske Race Car Museum and they sure thought that was cool!

WP_000294 ?????????????!

Funny story –
One night when we were out to dinner, we had a strange number of people talking to us.  (Something we are not used to here in the Pacific NW apparently.)  The older man sitting at a table by himself behind Bennett talked to Bennett for quite some time, keeping him busy “so mom can eat her dinner in peace”.  Then there was another group that talked to us & the kids as well, saying how cute the kids are, etc.  But the best part of all was when a couple that was probably 3 tables away got up to leave and walked past us on the way out.  The man complimented us and our well-behaved children.  (Ummm, did he NOT see Bennett tearing apart the paper table cloth and trying to eat it?!?!!)  Anyway, after he walked off, Cooper asked us what the man said.  We told him that the man said we had good, well-behaved children.  Cooper’s response was hilarious (I almost spit out my dinner!).  He scrunched up his face and very bewildered said “Naaaahhhhh” in total disagreement.  So funny!

We also went to a pretty cool park with a railroad theme.  They had some parked train cars to look at, a huge playground, a carousel to ride, and a fun train ride to go around the park.  The boys had fun there as well.

It was a great trip.  We will document & remember all the fun we had.  No need to talk about how Bennett cried throughout every night because he was scared of sleeping in a strange place (and we parents got very little sleep), and no need to detail the arguments with Cooper about why we weren’t going to watch tv all afternoon.  This trip was fun and we need to do it more often!  I can’t wait until we get a chance to go back!


Attempt at a self-portrait. Fun in the sun!


2 responses to “Spring Break 2013!”

  1. Margaret Burnell says :
  2. Papa and Nana says :

    Looks like you all had a very good time. What a wonderful place to relax. Loved the dinner experience. You guys were probably the youngest people in the restaurant.

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