Summer’s Over (recap)

Of course we’re still busy, busy, busy, so the blog updates seem to be fewer and far between.  Since our last post in April, we’ve had quite a fun summer around home (no more vacations to Arizona or anywhere else, unfortunately).

Once the sun came out in May, we started spending a little more time outside.  The boys enjoyed helping their dad mow the lawn (and the patio):

Mowing the patio

For Father’s Day, the kids took their dad to the zoo.  The boys especially loved the penguins that day.
dads day, coop+dad dads day, b+dad  dads day, Penguins zoo

More memorable things this summer:

Bennett took his first big spill and tumbled off our front porch, down two steps landing with his face on the concrete.  Luckily it wasn’t serious (nothing a cold washcloth and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse couldn’t cure), but he had a nasty scab on his face for weeks:


Cooper got his first big-boy bike.  It’s actually a balance bike, so it has no pedals, but he figured it out in no time and was quickly zooming around our cul-de-sac.  I’m sure he’ll be ready for a bigger bike (with pedals and no training wheels) by next summer!

Coop new bike

Bennett had his first taste of lemon, and surprisingly seemed to enjoy it:

Bikko lemon

Cooper moved up to a preschool class in his daycare.  On his first day there, he brought home this paper that showed him tracing & writing his name for the first time.  (What a proud mom I was that day!)

Coop 1st preschool name writing

Both boys continued to get their regular haircuts, but Bennett finally got his first truly short haircut (buzz cut style) like his big brother.  Such a difference!  (And oh so handsome, of course!)

Bikko short hair

This mom got brave and one day while Cooper was painting, decided to let Bennett try it out.  He loved it and even threw a tantrum when it was time to put it away for dinner:

Bikko painting Coop painting

We took the kids to Kirkland Summerfest and enjoyed a sunny afternoon listening to live music and playing on the beach:

Kids at Kirkland Summerfest

At the beginning of July, Cooper started his first swim lessons.  As expected, it was a rough start (avoided putting more than his toes in the water, if he could help it, though no tears), but within a couple weeks, he’d made significant improvements – jumping in for his teacher, blowing bubbles in the water, putting his ears in, even getting his goggles wet.  HUGE steps for his major fear of water.  He even enjoyed practicing in the backyard pool at home, while Bennett still couldn’t get enough water on him:

C 1st swim lesson  Coop swimming goggles

Bennett drinking pool water  Coop blowing bubbles in pool Boys in pool

Fourth of July, Cooper experienced his first sparklers (and daylight fireworks).  He really enjoyed it until he touched the hot metal sparkler.  He wasn’t interested after that.  Bennett was in awe by all of the lights.  They both had a great time.

4th of July Bikko 4th of July

One lucky weekend, Jeff and I were able to be child-free.  Cooper went camping and Bennett had a sleepover with Grandma.  We decided to do something while we had a chance and went to dinner and a movie after a long day of hiking up to Wallace Falls.  It was a great hike – we’d love to find a chance to do more of that in the future!

M&J hiking

Labor Day weekend we joined Aunt Steph and Uncle Matt for a BBQ at their house.  Before dinner we went for a ride on the boat.  The boys’ first boat ride ever and they loved it.  Cooper was a little nervous/cautious (as to be expected for him), but was eager to drive the boat with Uncle Matt.  And as soon as he stepped away from the driver’s seat, Bennett shot up from his spot and headed straight over to have his turn.  He couldn’t possibly let his brother have all the fun!

C driving boat C driving boat-2 B driving boat

It was a nice, relaxed summer with lots of fun moments.  Here are a few more photos that make me smile from our summer:

Tortilla face Mom and Coop  P1050301 P1050282

And to finish it up, just a few pictures to show how much these two brothers love each other.  Makes my heart happy when they have so much fun together.  🙂

Brother Love P1050311


One response to “Summer’s Over (recap)”

  1. Margo Burnell says :

    OK this is from the very Proud and Happy Great Grandma here in Trilogy. Of course some of the photo’s I have seen but I especially love the one of the 2 boys having fun together. Keep those around Michelle so that you will remember the good times when the fights start!!!!! Thanks for the great recap of the summer.

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