The Great Pumpkin Search (2013)

It’s a given.  It’s just expected.  Every October we have to get pumpkins.  Done deal.  Every now and then, we come across a fun place to do it.  This year was no exception.  Two years ago we learned about Craven Farms, and after a lousy patch last year, we decided it’s worth the drive to head out to this Patch.  So much fun for the kids with all sorts of playthings around.

Coop & tractor Kiddos3 Kiddos

Bennett and Cooper were most impressed with the wagon for our pumpkins.  Bennett rode will Cooper pulled.  It was a team effort.

Wagon3 Wagon4 Wagon2 Wagon

All the kids enjoyed finding their pumpkins, but Bennett especially was into it.  He insisted on picking up pumpkins, even ones we couldn’t believe he’d be able to lift off the ground.  He finally settled on an odd-shaped, green pumpkin that he insisted on having.  (Somehow, it didn’t make it home with us though.  Hmmm… I wonder how that happened???)

B pumpkin3 B pumpkin 4 B pumpkin2 B pumpkin

After selecting our pumpkins, the kids and I went on a hay ride through a muddy corn maze and checked out some fun scenes set up in there.  We saw Little Red Pumpkin Hood, Pumpkin Santa, and more.


We didn’t do the pumpkin slingshot, but it sure looked like fun.  Maybe next year.


One response to “The Great Pumpkin Search (2013)”

  1. Margo Burnell says :

    Just did a “relook” at the great family outing. Looked like everyone had a good time. Those 3 all looked like they are having a “super” family day. Keep up the great work Michelle and Jeff. I am so blessed with all of my great grandchildren and now anxiously await the newest arrival that is expected soon.
    Love Great Grammie

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