Viva Mexico!

This September, the hubby and I were lucky enough to have a child-free vacation!  Yes, I said it – CHILD FREE!!!  It was amazing of the grandparents to take some shifts to keep the kids while we escaped to paradise.  It was 5 days and nights of doing nothing but sitting in the sun (or more likely, shade), enjoying the gorgeous beach and pools, and all-inclusive resort that we discovered.  Though we visited during storm season down there, we were lucky that the days were gorgeous (and hot!) and the storms came after dinner.  It was pretty cool watching the lightning storms from the hot tub on our balcony.

After nearly a week of doing nothing though, we have to admit we missed our little monsters and were so excited to see them when we got home.

Here are some pictures of our visit in Puerto Vallarta:

Hotel at sunset from beach

View from room

Michelle hammock Jeff lounging

Jeff lounging2

Jeff pool


One response to “Viva Mexico!”

  1. Margo Burnell says :

    Looks like it was very relaxing. Glad you got to do it. Aren’t grandparents the best invention a family could have. Your great grandmother, Michelle, was always so good about keeping my 5 so that Grandpa Ed and I could sneak away for weekends. Our trips weren’t as far or fancy as your week was but a weekend get away to Portland or the like was always a great change.
    Love you both and you both look so terrific. I’m proud of you.
    FAV Grammie

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