Halloween 2013: Batman & Robin trick-or-treat

This year the boys dressed up as the famous Dynamic Duo.  What 3-year old boy doesn’t love Batman?  And his little brother?  An obvious sidekick!  🙂

They both loved their costumes so much.  I’m pretty sure they’ll be sad once I pack them up and put them away.  And thanks again to Nana for the amazing costumes – the boys looked fantastic!!!  Bennett even surprised me and insisted on wearing his cape and mask the entire time.  Even after I tried to take off the mask that seemed to be bugging his eyes, he really wanted it back – he kept repeating “Eyes! Eyes! Eyes!” to me.  So, we settled on him wearing it on his forehead.  It was a good compromise.

Trick-or-treating went pretty quick, but they got more than enough candy.  Especially since they raided our own candy bowl.  (Bennett kept taking a couple pieces at a time and putting them into his bucket.  He thought he was being sly, but I was on to him.  The boys walked around with their dad as I handed out candy at home.  Cooper was good about knocking on doors and saying “trick-or-treat” loudly, and even tried to open a few doors on his own.  (HA!)  Here are the pictures:

Happy Robin, loves his costume!

Such a handsome Batman!

Dynamic Duo!

Dynamic Duo!

Superhero Bros

Superhero Bros

…And he’s off to save the day!…

… Trying to keep up with Batman…

Trick-or-Treating at home

Look! Mike Wazowski!  (And Bennett trying to sneak some candy into his bucket.)

Look! Mike Wazowski! (And Bennett trying to sneak some candy into his bucket.)

Ready to go get their loot

Trying to eat some pumpkin guts

Trying to eat some pumpkin guts

Off they go!

Off they go!


2 responses to “Halloween 2013: Batman & Robin trick-or-treat”

  1. Margo Burnell says :

    Darn, I have the cutest great grandsons in the world. How did I rate? Just glad they have a super Nana who can sew. Thanks Chelle for sharing the wonderful pictures.
    Love the FAV grammie

  2. Nana says :

    Great photos – I love the action shots – Love Nana

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