Elfcapades 2013: Day 1 – He’s Back!

December 1st.  We finally got through our late Thanksgiving, and Christmas is just a mere three and a half weeks away.  (Ohmygosh!!!)  Well, I guess it only makes sense that our little elf friend from last year decided to make his grand appearance today.

Cooper woke up this morning to discover a nice surprise – Elfis was back.  He had a big sign showing us how excited he was to be here, and he was hanging upside down by one leg from the light chain.


On the table he left a note saying how excited he is to be back at our house.  He also brought a letter from Santa and a sugary breakfast treat.  Santa’s letter reminded all of us about his Magic Elves, why the elves come to visit, and how they help Santa with his naughty or nice list.  He also reminded us that sometimes elves tend to get into trouble.

12.1.13-7  12.1.13-6

The table had the Elf on the Shelf book so we can review the story and remember about the elves, the note from Elfis and Santa’s letter, small stuffed animals for each of the kids (penguin for Cooper, reindeer for Bennett, and Santa sock monkey for Natalie), one bigger reindeer (for me and the hubby?), a box of hot cocoa, chocolate straws (to make chocolate milk!), and a tray with miniature donuts and snowman-shaped marshmallows.  Cooper was pretty impressed and excited about the entire thing.  Bennett was still a little young to get excited about it, but he had fun checking out the donuts!  Both boys really loved their new stuffed buddies and played with them all day.

12.1.13-2 12.1.13-3 12.1.13-4 12.1.13-5

Cooper asked at least five times today about what trouble Elfis will get into next.  I just told him we’d have to wait and see.  But he’s remembering so many things from last year, and finished at bedtime by saying that maybe Elfis will hang his underwear on the tree or the ceiling fan tomorrow…  We’ll have to wait and see!


2 responses to “Elfcapades 2013: Day 1 – He’s Back!”

  1. Margo Burnell says :

    Hi to the Martinson clan, So glad Elfis came back to visit again this year but hope he won’t be quite as naughty as he was last year. I am looking forward to hearing about his Elfcapades. I’m guessing he is pretty busy so maybe he won’t be around every day but I am sure he will show up often. Looks like the boys really enjoyed his visit. How about the Big Sister? Auntie Laura and Mackenzie got to go meet the new little cousin Ryder and thought he was pretty cute. Hope Bennett Boy is feeling lots better. Have fun and see you on the 21st for one of many Christmas celebrations for you. I love you all, Great Grammie

  2. Andrea Sebring says :

    keep an eye on Elfis- he’s a trouble maker!

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