Elfcapades 2013: Day 2

Today was Elfis’ first day alone in the house.  Nobody saw him this morning before heading off for the day, and I was a bit worried about what he would do all on his own.  I remember all the trouble he caused last year, and am nervous to find a mess in my house every day from now until Christmas.

However, we lucked out.  We got home and nothing was amiss.  I have a couple possible theories:
1. Elfis has matured significantly since last December.
2. He is taking his time and plotting his sweet, sweet trouble-making plans.
3. He is acclimating to the new environment and not quite comfortable yet in our house.
4. Or…???  Who knows?!??

Anyway, no trouble that I could see.  Thank goodness!

When I picked up Cooper from school today, one of the first things he said to me was asking if Elfis was still at our house.  I told him that I was pretty sure Elfis would be here every day until Christmas.  He then told me to hurry home so we could find him before he leaves (to go visit Santa tonight).  Cooper was definitely worried we’d miss him.

We got home and Cooper started looking around downstairs.  He was a little bummed that he couldn’t find Elfis right away, but I saw him, and helped point the boys in the right direction.  He was hiding in Cooper’s stocking, his little head peeking out at us right in the family room, a perfect spot where he was able to watch us almost all afternoon.


Both boys pointed him out to me when they found him:



Although I think Cooper was hoping for trouble from our elf, we did ok this afternoon.  Cooper told Elfis thank you for his new stuffed penguin that he loves so very much (specifically, he told me today that he loves his penguin, and the penguin is his friend).  And Elfis got to watch us play and be good all afternoon.  We even ate our dinner, like good kids (and moms).

After putting the kids to bed, I found Elfis had decided to try to take advantage of some Cyber Monday sales:


That silly elf.  I hope he has his own credit card!


One response to “Elfcapades 2013: Day 2”

  1. Margo Burnell says :

    Indeed I sure hope Elfis has his own credit card or you are in deep trouble. Elfis is so darn cute I wish he’d come to my house and visit. I’d be a good girl and not touch him. Waiting anxiously to see how tomorrow goes with him. Do you suppose he snuck out and went to the Seahawkes game . I think Ryder was dressed and ready to go to the game earlier today. Love GGma

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