Elfcapades 2013: Day 3

Another day all to himself today, and Elfis managed to have some fun.  He didn’t make a mess, and didn’t get into trouble.  But he was pretty goofy.  Seems he decided to go slinky bungee bouncing (or whatever you’d call it):


He was suspended mid-air in front of the kids pictures.  Maybe he was lonely and wanted some company?  Or maybe it was just a coincidence because it was a good spot for him to dive off the upstairs landing…?

I wasn’t home today when the kids went downstairs and discovered him this morning.  So today when I picked up the boys and we were getting settled in the car, Cooper got excited and shouted “MOM! …  Elfis is on my boingy-boing.”  Huh?  My response, “What is a boingy-boing?”  He tried to tell me about it, but couldn’t remember the name of the slinky and I was pretty confused.  Needless to say, as soon as we walked in the door, the boys had to show me our elf ASAP.

12.3.13-2 12.3.13-1

During dinner tonight (well, after Bennett was done, but Cooper and I were still at the table), Bennett would hide around the corner from Elfis in the kitchen, and ask “Are you?”  (translated: Where are you?”) and run around the corner, see Elfis, and laugh.  And repeat.  Again and again.  He thought it was hilarious and so much fun.  Cooper and I got a good kick out of it, too.

Well, like I said – Elfis is starting to have fun, but not too crazy yet.  Let’s just hope it stays this way for a while.  After a long week of sick kids (croup & viral hives) and a busy Thanksgiving weekend, this mom isn’t ready for too much chaos.  Just a few more days of mellow normal afternoons would be nice.  Here’s to hoping…  🙂


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