Elfcapades 2013: Day 4

Looks like the fun is beginning.  A few days ago, we brought down a big bin of Mega Bloks to play with.  Elfis must have taken note and thought they looked like fun.  Today we found him trapped in a Mega Blok tower he built for himself, and all the other pieces (a hundred or so) were dumped all over the living room floor.


While Cooper found him first, Bennett was the one who pointed him out to me and was “helping’ with the pile of blocks.



He even tried to give Elfis more blocks to play with!


That’s it for today.  We (meaning: I) have a mess to clean up now.  But it could be worse.

Cooper keeps asking about Elfis putting his underwear on the tree.  It almost sounds like he wants him to do it.  (Last year he didn’t find the humor in it.  So much changes in a year!)  We’ll just have to wait and see what is in store for tomorrow…



2 responses to “Elfcapades 2013: Day 4”

  1. Karen Hathaway says :

    Way to go, Elfis! You have a really fun elf at your house and I’m sure he’s going to tell Sanya the kids have been VERY good.
    Enjoy, Karen

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