Elfcapades 2013: Day 5

Well, Elfis was quick and easy to find today.  He was not hiding.  He was too busy having what looked to be a lot of fun.

I noticed some strange shadows hanging from my ceiling fan this morning when I got up, but since Jeff was still sleeping, I didn’t turn on the light to check it out.  Well, shortly after, Cooper woke up and wandered into our room.  He was able to see a little bit from the bathroom light and immediately reacted.  “Whaaaattt?!?!”  he said.


Yep, that’s Elfis.  Hanging, suspended from our ceiling fan, holding a toy helicopter.  And every other blade on the fan had another toy plane hanging from it as well.  The fan was not turned on, but with just the slighted touch to any of the planes, it moved around and let Elfis and the planes soar.  What fun!

Cooper enjoyed pushing the planes around to let them fly.  He knew better than to touch Elfis, though, and let him pass before reaching out to push another plane.  After he spun them around for a little while, he was ready to get them down and insisted on taking the strings off by himself.





Bennett just had fun grabbing all the planes off the floor after Cooper tossed them down.  🙂



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