Elfcapades 2013: Day 7

That crazy elf is at it again!  It seems we woke up this morning and caught him in the act of a wild ride.  Literally.


Cooper discovered Elfis on a racing motorcycle ride on his way up our banister!



I’m not sure if Cooper was more impressed with Elfis’ cool antic, or with the awesome motorcycle he didn’t know we had…  He kept asking over and over if he can play with it tomorrow when Elfis is done with it.

And most importantly, today we got out of the house and headed down for the family to meet Baby Ryder.  Cooper was so excited to go meet him – we talked about it all week!  Twice on the way we made quick stops, and each time Cooper anxiously asked, “Are we there yet?”  And after an explanation of why we were stopping and what we were doing, he whined, “But I want to go see Baby Ryder!”  When we finally got to meet the baby, Cooper was instantly smitten.  He wanted to hold him so long, and for so many times.  He is a baby hog!!!  He held the baby more than I did!

Coop & Ryder 12.7.13 Coop & Ryder2 12.7.13

He shared some of the baby love with Bennett, who gave many kisses to his new little cousin.  He thought Ryder was pretty cool, too, but was not nearly as impressed as Cooper.

Boys & Ryder2 12.7.13

Here are all four kids, and even a pic of Jeff snuggling with little Baby R.

Kids & Ryder 12.7.13

Jeff & Ryder 12.7.13

And me, wishing I could hog this tiny bundle of snuggles all to myself.

Michelle & Ryder 12.7.13

At one point, Cooper was holding Ryder and announced to me, “He just popped out.”  A little confused, I needed to clarify, “He just popped out of Steph’s tummy?”  “Yes,” he said.  Then of course I had to egg him on.  I asked, “So do you think that Uncle Matt just poked Steph in her belly button and then Ryder just popped right out?  Just like that?”  Cooper replied, “Yep!”  And Matt chimed in, “Yep, that’s exactly how it happened.”

We had a nice visit, but as always, it had to end.  As we were saying our good-byes, Cooper (unprompted) asked Ryder “Are you gonna miss me?”  Then, walking out to the car, Cooper said to me, “Mom, I really like Baby Ryder,” followed by (for the third time) “He sure is cute.”  And not even a block down the road, he started saying (in a half-whiney voice) “I miss my cousin a lot.”  He repeated that at least five times on the way home.  He cannot wait a couple more weeks until Christmas when we will get to see Ryder again.  So sweet!


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