Elfcapades 2013: Day 8

It was another fun morning here, thanks to Elfis.  Cooper found him first, very easily, as he was in Cooper’s #1 spot to check: hanging on the Christmas tree.  Like an ornament.  Or maybe like a candy cane?

Cooper was happy he found Elfis so quickly this morning, but it wasn’t until he showed me where he was that we realized there was more to it.  Elfis left a note on the tree that read: “I hid 7 candy canes.  Can you find them in 7 minutes or less?”



Oh what fun!  Natalie and Cooper had a great time hunting down the hidden candy canes.  Unfortunately we’d already found 3 by the time that we realized we weren’t watching the clock.  I guessed we were at two minutes, so we gave ourselves five more minutes to find the rest in the given time.

They were in some pretty tricky spots!  One was with HoHo Bear on a chair, and one in Mickey Mouse’s pocket on the couch.  The rest were all up high: hanging from the dining room chandelier, hanging from the pull string on the window blinds, sitting on top of a painting on the wall, on top of the window ledge.






(No, Elfis didn’t hide the candy canes on Natalie’s ears – she did that herself.  Quite the fashion statement!)  🙂

The final (and most tricky) candy cane was tucked in the angels’ arm on top of the tree.  Natalie found that one, but we didn’t know how to reach it – it was so high up!  The kids called Jeff in to help, but he couldn’t reach it either.  We figured out some teamwork, and here was how we got it

Yes, Jeff lifted Cooper high up in the air to reach the top of our tree.  It must have been elf magic that put the candy cane up there, because there’s no way we could have even tried something like that!




One response to “Elfcapades 2013: Day 8”

  1. Margo Burnell says :

    Oh that Elfis, he is really a tricky young man and clever too I might add. I think you are all pretty lucky as he hasn’t put Coopers underwear on the tree yet. oh well there are still 2+ weeks to go so he may have remembered by the timed Christmas actually comes to your home. Well its off to work and school for you all in the morning so have a great day. I’m tired and ready for bed and its only just after 9.
    Love you GGma

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