Elfcapades 2013: Day 9

It has been so cold here lately – overnight lows in the mid-teens, and daytime highs in the low twenties.  Crazy!  Well, the weather channels have been talking snow coming up in the next day or two as the outside temps warm up and bring in some moist air.

Eflis must have been watching the news.  Or else he knows something more about snow than we do.  (He is from the North Pole, after all!)

We woke up this morning to find that he is wishing for snow.  And if seems if we don’t get snow outside, then he’s at least giving us snow inside!


I wasn’t home when the boys first saw it, so when I picked them up this afternoon, Cooper was VERY excited to tell me about it.  “MOM!  Elfis put SNOWFLAKES all over the windows.  He is a troublemaker!  I will show you when we get home!”

Sure enough, as soon as we walked in, we immediately saw a window wall full of snowflakes!  And not only that, but Elfis painted on our windows the words “Let it Snow!”  Troublemaker is right!  How on earth am I going to wash that off??!?!?!  Ugh!!!

The boys were happy to show me the snowflakes.  They both wanted to touch them.  Cooper wanted to point out the ones with hearts in them.  We talked about which one is our favorite (we have the same favorite – the one under the ‘W” in Snow).


And we talked about how Elfis is right there, hanging from the blinds with another snowflake in his hands – BUSTED!!!


We’ll see what happens tomorrow.  If there’s actually snow on the ground when we wake up, who knows what he will do???


One response to “Elfcapades 2013: Day 9”

  1. Karen Hathaway says :

    Elfis is the best – and your kids are adorable!

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