Elfcapades 2013: Day 10

It seems the weatherman was a little off on his snow prediction.  We didn’t see one flake at our house.  We were all a bit disappointed, especially Cooper.  However, Elfis left Cooper a special note and surprise, so he quickly got over the lack of snow.

Bennett and I came downstairs first today, and Bennett noticed Elfis’ handy-work right away.  He ran into the kitchen and loudly exclaimed “UH-OH!” and pointed towards the back door.


Cooper came downstairs quickly and instantly gasped then announced “Elfis is a troublemaker!”  He couldn’t believe Elfis wrote on the window again.  It took a minute for him to find the note with his name on it, but as soon as he saw it, he was eager to read.


The note explained that the squares on the window are to help count down the days left until Christmas.  He crossed off the first 9 days since they are over, and left days 10-25 for Cooper to cross off.  He was so excited to cross off his first square right away!  He ended up marking it with what looks like a “P” (“P is for Cooper,” he says.  Um, what???)


Then he finally discovered that Elfis was right there, too.  He was up on top of the window pointing down to his fancy window wall.


And Bennett just kept pointing over and over.  He obviously was pretty impressed!


When the boys and I got home this afternoon, Cooper first insisted on writing on the window again.  I had to re-explain that he only gets to do one square every day.  But he definitely knows (and will not forget) that when he gets to the bottom square on the right, then it will be Christmas.  He’s very excited for that part!

He also noticed right away that Elfis was not in the same spot as this morning.  Well, this is something new.  He has never moved to a new spot mid-day, at least not this year.  I hope this doesn’t become a habit – he’s already keeping me on my toes!

Cooper found Elfis right away, and Bennett quickly after.  He had moved out to the living room, and sat with some friends (Mickey, Donald & Pluto) looking at our Christmas tree.  At least they weren’t causing trouble!



One response to “Elfcapades 2013: Day 10”

  1. Margo Burnell says :

    I was sitting at the computer waiting for todays report on Elfis to come in and pretty soon there it was. Another great day with Elfis. He seems to be quite mild this year hope it keeps up.

    I sent it on to Karen as she will be happy to know Mickey and pals were on the scene today.

    Are the opening their Advent calendars, too. I think Elfis stole the idea from the calendars.
    Love, GGma

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