Elfcapades 2013: Day 11

Elfis was elusive today.  There was no sign of him all day.  We woke up, and right away Cooper wanted to color in his daily square on the window (for his Christmas Countdown).  So we did that first thing, even before his required cup of milk.  (He usually won’t do anything before he gets his milk and cartoon – such a stickler for his routine!)

After updating the window, we realized we didn’t know where to find Elfis.  There was no sign of the missing elf this morning, and nothing again after school/work when we got home.  We had dinner and rushed out to Cooper’s swim lessons with still no elf sightings.

(By the way, Cooper is doing great at swimming.  After six months of lessons, he is finally having fun playing with his head and face under the water!!!)

Coop swim 12.11.13

It wasn’t until after we got home and headed for a warm shower that we found our hiding elf.  Though, to tell the truth, Cooper didn’t even notice him right in front of his face until I pointed him out!  Elfis was inside the shower going for a jet ski ride.  Maybe he was wishing for a snowmobile, but this is the closest thing he could find?  We caught him right as he was getting ready for a big jump off the ledge.  Crazy elf!



Another thing we discovered when we got home:


Bennett playing video games (with his dad), fully loaded with a game controller, binky, and backwards hat.  What a sight!

Also, we learned that Bennett had a bath while we were gone, so he had already discovered Elfis before we did.

Bennett bath Elfis-1 12.11.13 Bennett bath Elfis-2 12.11.13

But back to our Elf, at least his mischief is not making any messes in my house this season.  I’m thankful for that.  Still 14 days left though, so I’m not in the clear just quite yet.


One response to “Elfcapades 2013: Day 11”

  1. Margo Burnell says :

    What a fun evening you all had finding Elfis upon your return from swimming and how much fun for Bennett that he and Daddy got to find Elfis while you were gone. By the way how did he get the binky back before bed time??? I’m guessing his cold is gone by now. Happy to hear Cooper is swimming so well. When do you want to come swim in Grammies pool again. Tell him I am very proud of him. What will Elfis be up to tomorrow. He sure keeps us on our toes wondering. So far he hasn’t made any messes or covered the tree with Cooper’s undies. GGma

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