Elfcapades 2013: Day 12

It seems as if nothing gets done if the mom doesn’t do it herself.  And by “the mom”, I mean ME.   😦

I was gone all afternoon and home after the kids’ bedtime at a work meeting followed by dinner.  There were no pictures of the kids with Elfis today.  Cooper did not color in today’s square on the Christmas Countdown.  In fact, I’m not even sure yet if the boys were picked up and/or fed dinner tonight…  I should probably go check…

Ok, all is well.  The boys are home and tucked into bed, fast asleep.  Phew!  I don’t know what anybody did today, but I can say that I had an excellent steak dinner (filet mignon, garlic mashed potatoes, and lots of roasted veggies) with my team from work.

I’m told that Elfis was discovered this morning when the boys came downstairs on their way out the door.  Cooper found him doing something strange, something Cooper just didn’t understand:


He was on the kitchen counter, leaning against a fishbowl filled with blue water and a dozen or so goldfish (crackers!) floating around…  Fishing???  Cooper asked his dad what Elfis was doing, and apparently has not ever seen or heard of fishing, didn’t understand the concept.  (Probably even more confusing since Elfis was “fishing” for crackers and not real live swimming fish!)  There were also three goldfish sitting next to the bowl – maybe they’re the fish he already caught?

Even more curious than what Elfis was doing, Cooper also found a pile of goldfish crackers scattered across the kitchen table, Barbie sitting on the counter next to another computer, and something we found but Cooper didn’t notice: a pair of Cooper’s underwear mysteriously left on the stairs.  Cooper thought it strange there were crackers left on the table, and had so many questions (and theories)…  Why were there crackers on the table, away from Elfis and his weird “fishing” setup?  How did Barbie get into the kitchen?  Cooper thinks she was watching videos on the computer she was sitting next to.  How/why was she doing that?  And even though Cooper didn’t notice, I’m wondering why is there a pair of toddler underwear on my stairs?  (At least they’re clean – no skid marks to be found!)

Even more, Cooper suddenly got concerned about something and wanted to open up the fridge.  Jeff thought maybe he just wanted to put his milk cup back in, but Cooper had other things on his mind.  He noticed that Elfis’ fishing water was blue, and remembering Elfis’ trouble-making last year, Cooper decided he needed to make sure the milk in the fridge was not green.  He was relieved to find the milk had not been tampered with, and was still white.  (What would he have done if it was green, I wonder???)

When the boys got home today, Cooper was surprised to find Elfis in the same spot, at the fishbowl.  However, he was laying down.  Falling down on the job?  Daytime nap?  Not quite sure.  He was back up and fishing again when I got home tonight.

I guess we’ll never know just what Elfis was up to last night, with the goldfish, Barbie, and Cooper’s underwear.  It sure makes me wonder though..


One response to “Elfcapades 2013: Day 12”

  1. Margo Burnell says :

    Glad to know the Daddy got the boys fed and into bed and that Mommy had a good time. Cooper will have to get a lesson on fishing from Jim next summer when they can fish for real fish on GGma’s beach. then maybe he will understand the “fishing” part of todays events with Elfis. Glad to know the Mommy got to have a nice dinner out this evening. Sounds like Cooper didn’t pay too much attention to the underwear on the stairs. Glad they didn’t have “skid” marks on them. May all sleep well tonight while Elfis is up to his usual antics. GGma

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