Elfcapades 2013: Day 13

We woke up this morning wondering what kind of mischief Eflis was up to last night.  We were so confused about the small oddities from the day before.

Cooper found him quickly when we came downstairs.  He said, “I found him.  He’s coloring!”  But as we got closer, we discovered that’s not what he was doing at all.  Elfis was hanging out with Barbie (on a date? – it IS the same Barbie he was fond of last year…), and they were checking out some bugs in Cooper’s bug catcher.  They had trapped what appeared to be an orange (plastic) fly, and an orange (again, plastic) spider.  They also had the bug booklet spread out, as if they were trying to identify the species they’d caught.





Some date.  I don’t know why Barbie would want to put up with that…

Cooper tried to tell Elfis that the bugs weren’t real, that they were just rings from Halloween.  I’m not sure if they figured that out though.

Well, we went on with our day and let them keep checking out their bugs.  When we came home this afternoon though, we discovered the table was clear and Elfis was nowhere to be found.  Cooper and I searched and searched.   We checked the tv room, the kitchen, the pantry, the dining room, the living room…  And then we decided we should turn on some lights (it was starting to get dark), and make sure we checked high and low, since it appeared that Elfis was hiding.  It didn’t take long then for Cooper to find Elfis in his tiny little hiding spot.  Can you find the Elf?


Cooper found him!


Yep, that’s Elfis, hiding in a sconce on the wall.  He was tucked up in a little ball, squeezed tight in that glass votive holder.  But we found him – he wasn’t THAT sneaky!




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