Elfcapades 2013: Day 14

Another day, another Elf story…

The first thing Cooper said this morning when he came downstairs was, “Mom, where is Elfis?”  I told him I didn’t know, that I was waiting for him to wake up so we could look together.  Well, Cooper must not have been in a full elf-hunting mood quite yet, because he just sat on the couch and asked for his milk.  I turned on some lights and headed toward the kitchen, and noticed something on the table.  “Cooper, come look at the table!” I said.  He came over and we saw that Elfis had left a note with a big box underneath.

“Mom, Elfis brought us a gingerbread house!” Cooper exclaimed happily.  Yes, and he left a note that said he brought us a candy house, and he loves candy.  Well, thanks, Elfis.  That was nice.  It’ll be a good project for the kids to do with grandma today while they’re hanging out.  How thoughtful.  But, we noticed Elfis wasn’t right there, as he usually is with his gifts (or mischief).


Then I continued to the fridge to get Cooper’s milk.  Upon opening the fridge, I couldn’t believe my eyes!  I gasped & yelled, “Cooper get over here!”  Cooper came running, and at the same time asking, “Did Elfis turn our milk green???”  I guess he wasn’t as surprised as me then since he guessed it.  (Remember, the other day when Cooper thought it might be green?  Well, it wasn’t then, but it is now.)  The look on Cooper’s face was priceless.  I wish I would have gotten a better picture.


We looked at the milk and read the note on the container:
Is is Magic Elf Milk, or did I pee inside?  You decide


GROSS!  Cooper immediately replied, “Peed inside.”  He was convinced.  Then he said, “That is RUDE!  Now we can’t drink our milk!”  He was NOT happy about this.  Lucky for us, we had more mllk that was still white.  Thank goodness.  Still though, Elfis was not in the fridge, or anywhere near it that we could see.

We started wondering if Elfis did these two things and he wasn’t around his handiwork, what else did he get into and where was he???

So we kept searching.  We turned on more lights.  He was not in the kitchen or the dining room.  Not in the same spot in the living room where we last saw him.  (No surprise there, obviously he’d made his rounds!)

We started towards the den when Cooper said “Maybe he’s in the bathroom.”  He turned on the lights and pointed and said, “I told you mom.  He’s in the bathroom.”  Bennett joined in and pointed, too.


Elfis was hanging from the light fixture in the bathroom above the mirror.  The mirror that he’d written on with his red window marker.  (I really need to throw that thing away – he’s making a lot of trouble and messes for ME to clean up later!)

I scanned the note, and then told Cooper, “Oh no.  That note has bad news, you better look around to see what else he did.”  And before I could read the note out loud, Cooper found the damage.  “There’s marshmallows in there!” he said, about the toilet.

12.14.13-6 12.14.13-7

So, I read the note to Cooper.  It said:
1 + 2 iz 3
I had to poo and pee
Now your potty is green


That resulted in more shocked (and appalled!) faces:



“He POOPED marshmallows?!?!?”  Cooper was in disbelief.  See the huge “O” face he made.  Even Bennett did too.  Very much upset, Cooper said “Now we can’t use the potty either!”

I convinced Cooper that we could, in fact, flush the potty.  He made me do it though; he didn’t want any part of it.  I flushed, and the potty was back to normal again.

As we decided that this was all Elfis must have done (since we found him and didn’t notice any other trouble around the house), and headed back to the couch for our morning cartoons, Cooper was asking about the gingerbread house again.  “Remember last year when Elifs BROKE our house?”  He was worried, anxious, and just not happy with our troublesome elf.  I told him that after the house was made today, he’ll need to talk to Elfis and let him know that he cannot break into our candy house.  He responded by agreeing that if Elfis does break out gingerbread house again, he will have to go in timeout (again).  We’ll see how that goes….

A short while later, Cooper was in the bathroom, and as he was washing his hands I overheard him saying, “Eflis, I’m watching you, mister.  I’m watching you!”  So funny!

This afternoon, grandma came over to hang with the kids so us parents could escape for a mini day date.  (Thanks, grandma!)  Cooper was so excited to show and tell all about what Elfis has been up to, not only today, but for the majority of his visit.  Trouble, trouble, trouble…

And the kids were all anxious to make (or more like EAT) the gingerbread house that Elfis brought.  Bennett caught on quickly and was popping marshmallows in his mouth so fast.  I’m not surprised that either kid hardly ate lunch after that sugary snack!


And here’s their finished product:


Cooper keeps asking if he can eat it now.  I told him no, that he had enough sugar today, and that we will keep it to look at for a while.

Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that our little elf stays out of it, too!


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