Elfcapades 2013: Day 15

Elfis was easy to find today.  He and his (apparent?) girlfriend were hanging out having a nice, romantic date right in the focal point of our family room.  There they were, sitting on a boxed S’mores Kit roasting a big marshmallow over a lit candle.  How clever of that little elf.


Cooper found him first this morning.  He came downstairs and started walking into the family room, and immediately stopped in his tracks.  He obviously had found Elfis (and Barbie) without even having to hunt him down, and he was excited.  He walked over to take a look and started telling his dad about how Elfis was trying to cook the marshmallow over the fire.  Of course, the next thing he said was that he wanted one of the marshmallows.  Then he got a little closer look and was more excited; he said “Ooh, look at that!” when he saw the chocolate.  And of course, he wanted some of that as well.  But his dad told him that we needed to leave it all there so everybody else could see what they were doing.  (Good save, dad!)

When I woke up, Bennett was quick to show me the scene:


Later this afternoon, Cooper asked me if he could have one of Elfis’ marshmallows.  I told him that he had to ask Elfis.  Well, that he did.  I heard him say, “Eflis can I have one of your marshmallows?”  And then a second later, he turned to me and said, “Mom, he said yes.”  Haha.  I thought he didn’t talk!?!?  How did he say yes?  Hmmm.  clever elf.  And clever three year old.  So, I told Cooper that I guess he can have one.  You know, since Elfis said so.

Here he is happily digging in:




Elfis and Barbie stayed at their S’mores post all day, so they managed to stay out of any more trouble.

We had a fun day, too.  The five of us headed out to the theater this morning for an early matinee to see the movie Frozen.  It was a pretty cute movie, and I think we all enjoyed it.  I know I heard both Cooper and Natalie laughing out loud a number of times, especially what that goofy little snowman, Olaf, flew apart and warned his friends to “watch out for my butt”.  We grabbed some lunch, came home and worked on our homemade Secret Santa gifts (ugh!), and settled in for the day.

Tonight before bed, I had a hard time getting the boys to clean up their toys.  The family room was a disaster.  One warning did the trick.  It was a last resort, but I had to do it.  I said, “You don’t want Elfis to tell Santa that you didn’t clean up your toys today, do you?”  Well, that resulted in an almost instant reaction.  I told Cooper as I was taking Bennett to bed that as soon as his show was over, he needed to start (finish) cleaning up again.  And I heard him, as soon as his show’s closing music came on, he was running around downstairs like a mini madman cleaning up.  We got it finished together, and it was tidier than it’s been in weeks!

We were definitely glad that Elfis will have only good news to report to Santa tonight.  Thank goodness.


2 responses to “Elfcapades 2013: Day 15”

  1. Margo Burnell says :

    GGma is happy to hear Elfis willhave a good report for Santa on the behavior of the Martinson kids today. Aunt Jolly went to see Frozen and said it was very good also. I too worked on my Secret Santa gift today. Actually it is done all but he wrapping of it. I wish Elfis would send some of his elf friends to clean up my house before this coming Sat. I think I should have asked Santa for a cleaning service, think I’m getting too old to clean my own house. Think I am one of the few people here in Trilogy that doesn’t have a cleaning lady.

    And speaking of Santa have the Martinson Trio been to have their picture with SAnta yet?

    Night night. Hope Elfis is a good boy tonight, but one never knows what to expect of Elfis.


  2. Karen Hathaway says :

    Elfis looks very smitten with Barbie. Think a Christmas engagement is in the works?

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