Elfcapades 2013: Day 16

We’re down to single digits now. 9 days until Christmas.  And really, only 5 more days until all the celebrations begin.  Oh, it’s getting so close!

This morning, Elfis was discovered in what seems to be a troubling situation:


Notice Elfis in superhero (or supervillian?) attire: mask and cape disguise.  (He isn’t fooling us!)

The boys definitely didn’t know what to think at first.  Cooper’s take on the situation here is that Spiderman is actually stopping Elfis from pushing Superman off the light.  Meaning Elfis is the bad guy, and Spiderman is Superman’s protector.  Umm, this is a little weird.  But, Cooper’s guess is as good as any.  I have no idea what was going on here.


What I do know though, is that Elfis’ good side brought the boys a little present today.  There was a note thanking them for cleaning up so nicely yesterday, and saying he brought them an early present because of it.


The note was a bit of a sore spot this morning when they first found it.  Of course Cooper grabbed it up.  And of course, Bennett wanted it too.  So much so that he threw a fit about it.  So, the note and the present were put on hold until later.

When we got home today, the boys showed me the Elfis/Spiderman/Superman scene (what happened to Barbie?).  Very strange indeed.  And then I noticed the note.  Cooper had forgotten about it.  So I read it again, and Cooper was very excited to tear into the present that was stuffed into our empty fruit bowl.  (Odd, if you ask me.)



Tearing open the tissue paper, Cooper discovered that Elfis brought the boys two new bath towels.  But not just any bath towels: hooded superhero towels – Batman & Superman.  (It’s obvious to me that Elfis was unaware that the boys’ Nana is also making a new bath towel/robe.  However, there’s nothing wrong with having two favorite towels, right?)


The boys were thrilled with their new capes/towels.  They surprised me when Cooper let Bennett wear the Batman towel and he took Superman for himself.  Then they started racing around the house like they were superheroes with capes.  I caught a few pictures when they slowed down just barely enough:



Fun times.  And after tonight, only 8 more days.  Which means only 8 more nights with Elfis.  Who knows what he’ll get into in our remaining time together…?


One response to “Elfcapades 2013: Day 16”

  1. Margo Burnell says :

    Great job cleaning up last night, Cooper. I guess you boys got a good report to Santa form Elfis last night. Hope you did as well tonight with the clean up.

    How fun that Elfis brought you an early gift. Keep up the good work boys.

    Looking forward to seeing you at my house on Sat. I have gifts for you too. So keep being good.


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