Elfcapades 2013: Day 17

I don’t know what Elfis was up to last night. But I’m guessing he must have stayed out past his curfew. Or something like that.


When he came downstairs this morning, Cooper found Elfis right away.  He yelled that he found him, and pointed to the sliding glass door.  Elfis was OUTSIDE.  Yes, outside.  He was plastered up against the sliding glass door with a sign that read “Let Me In”.



Cooper’s reaction?  A question: “What he doin’ outside?”  The same question we all want to have answered.  But since Elfis can’t talk to us, I guess we’ll never know.

Jeff read Cooper Elfis’ note, and Cooper laughed; he thought that was pretty funny.  Then he insisted on coloring in his daily square on the window for the Christmas Countdown.  (8 days left!)

It took a little while for Bennett to catch on.  He was distracted by some toys at first.  But once he figured it out, he headed over to the window and started pointing to Elfis, and saying something undecipherable.  Jeff thinks maybe it was elf speak.  (But I thought Elfis couldn’t talk?)


This afternoon when we got home, Cooper was (of course) excited to show me what Elfis was doing.  But he was also worried about how he would get back in.  I don’t know how Elfis gets in and out every other night on his own (elf magic, apparently), but something went wrong last night because he was unable to get back in on his own.  All I can say is that him being stuck outside means he was unable to cause any trouble inside.

I promised Cooper that I would open the door tonight after bedtime to let Elfis in.  It was too cold to open this afternoon and wait forever for Elfis to sneak by us.  Hopefully he can make his way in tonight quickly.  I’ll open the door and leave the room, so I won’t have to see him coming in…


2 responses to “Elfcapades 2013: Day 17”

  1. Margo Burnell says :

    Man oh Man is that Elf ever giving you a run for your money. Good thing there aren’t too many more days for you to put up with his antics. It is much colder tonight so hope he doesn’t loose his magic powers and get stuck outside tonight.
    Bet he’ll be happy to be in your nice warm house. GGma

  2. PAPA says :

    I really like the advent calendar on the sliders!!!

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