Elfcapades 2013: Day 18

Christmas is one week away.  We are all so excited!  Even Elfis must be more excited, because he’s getting a little more naughty.

When we got up this morning and headed downstairs, Cooper asked me, “Where is that Elfis?”  We had to go looking for him.  He wasn’t stuck outside anymore; he must have come in when I opened the door for him.  It didn’t take long to find him.  He was caught red-handed (more like chocolate-handed!) breaking into and eating our gingerbread house.  While I’m not surprised, I am a bit disappointed.  And Cooper was NOT happy.  He had some words with Elfis: “Elfis, that is not okay.  That is really bad.  You need a timeout.”  And he repeated those sentiments for about five minutes.  He couldn’t believe the mess that was made, that the house was broken, and that Elfis was eating it.



He even had chocolate all over his face!


Elfis must have been listening to Cooper and felt a little remorse because when we came home this afternoon, we found a slightly different situation:


Elfis cleaned up the mess on the counter and was hiding inside the gingerbread house.  Cooper went to look for him right away, and as soon as he saw him, he determined that Elfis was sorry and was in timeout.


Cooper still wasn’t happy about the broken house though.  He definitely has some thoughts going through that little (almost four-year-old) brain.  He reminded Elfis that what he did was not good.


But enough about Elfis and his trouble-making.  Tonight we had a fantastic night.  Cooper and I went to his swim class and he made me so proud.  He not only spent at least half of his lesson under water (a new development as of a couple weeks ago, and only getting better!), but he also got enough courage to jump in the water without needing to be caught!  And he loved it so much, he kept doing it over and over and over…  It was so great!  We have two weeks off for the holidays, so I hope he picks up where he left off in January.  Such progress from the kid who started lessons six months ago and didn’t even want to get in the pool!


One response to “Elfcapades 2013: Day 18”

  1. Margo Burnell says :

    Wow! Elfis certainly was a naughty boy last night and I hope he learned his lesson. But cleaning up while you were away day was a good sign along with putting himself in time out. I’m sure Cooper is learning that doing naughty things makes family feel very badly.

    And now for Coopers swimming accomplishments tonight. I want to know when he is going to come swim in GGma’s pool so I can see how he has progressed. Just let me know.

    Hope Elfis didn’t have a sick tummy after eating all the goodies last night.

    Anxiously awaiting to here what he does tonight while you are asleep.

    I need to get busy or I’m not going to be ready for my Family on Sat.

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