Elfcapades 2013: Day 19

The elf is at it again.  Another day, another elf antic.  Today was another trouble-making day.  The boys came downstairs this morning and quickly discovered that Elfis got out of timeout and got into more trouble.  Our Christmas tree was decorated in a very white-draped toilet paper mess!  Here are the boys finding the mess this morning:




And then this afternoon when we got home, Cooper was anxious to show me.  Both boys stared and pointed again.  Cooper talked about how Elfis is a trouble-maker.  He reminded me that he can’t believe Elfis broke his gingerbread house, and how he was in timeout.  He pointed out that Elfis wasn’t in timeout anymore, but now he was stuck in the toilet paper on the tree!




The boys were quickly distracted though when Cooper found a new book (well, new to him, though it’s been on the table for weeks now) called How the Grinch Stole Christmas.  When I told him just the name of the book, he gasped and said that was bad.  He was anxious to read it right away.  So we all three sat down and read through the book.  Surprisingly, Bennett lost interest pretty quickly, but Cooper was drawn in from page 1.  He couldn’t believe how the Grinch could steal everything from the Who’s in Whoville.  We finished the book, and when I mentioned to Cooper that we have the movie for the book, he insisted on watching it asap.  So, we followed the book with the movie.  And that’s what we did tonight.  That’s the second new Christmas movie for the boys this season.  Fun stuff!

In other news, we are hearing talk of snow again tonight.  If it happens (not holding my breath), we could get up to four or five inches!  Cooper is excited.  Bennett doesn’t even know what snow is (remember, it didn’t snow last winter).  I’m sure Elfis is eagerly awaiting some snowfall as well, since we got snowflakes last time there was the mere mention of snow.  We’ll see how he handles it this time…


One response to “Elfcapades 2013: Day 19”

  1. Margo Burnell says :

    How on earth is Elfis going to get out of the “Doot” other wise known as the roll the TP was on? Does Santa ever put Elfis in Timeout? I guess the TP was better than Cooper’s underwear he used for decorations last year. It is cold tonight and maybe even going to snow so Elfis is smart and at least stays in the house. GGma

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