Elfcapades 2013: Day 20

What a day!  Where do I start?

First, we got our snow today, as promised by the weatherman.  It wasn’t anywhere near the 4-5 inches we were told might happen, but maybe 1-2 inches.

This morning when Cooper woke up and came into our room, we were still in bed.  I told him to go quietly to the bonus room to look outside and see if we had any snow.  (I’d already looked and knew we did.)  He ran in there, and came zooming back – “We have snow outside!  We have snow outside!”  He was pretty excited!

When everybody was ready to head out the door, Cooper couldn’t wait to get outside and check out the snow.  He ran out and around the driveway, leaving little size 9 footprints all over our pretty little snow patch.  He ran his gloved hands over the snowy bushes and wanted to play.  Bennett, on the other hand, didn’t want anything to do with the snow.  This is as close as he was willing to get:


When Jeff took the boys to school, Cooper told him, “But dad, I don’t know how to make a snowball.”  Of course, Jeff promised to show him.  If only our snow stuck around long enough.  (Melted by this afternoon, nothing but slush left over.)  Next time for sure.  A snowman, too.

And speaking of snow, Cooper was not the only one wanting to play in the snow.  Elfis must have been so excited to have a cold, snowy day, just like at his home.  He clearly decided to bring the snow inside and play with some friends.  What a mess!  Remind me never to let my kids bring snow inside!



The boys discovered Elfis, Sheriff Woody and Buzz Lightyear in a full-on snowball fight right in the middle of our kitchen!  Such surprise and shock!


Here’s our take on what happened:
Elfis was excited about the snow and asked Woody & B.uzz to have a friendly snowball fight with him.  They agreed, and were having a fun until it got serious.  It seems that Woody got Buzz right in the head with a snowball, but since he wears a helmet, he was safe from too much damage.  Then Buzz got Woody smack-dab in the eye.  It made Woody fall forward and even knocked his hat off.  And then there’s Elfis, up on the light, ready to pelt Buzz in defense of Woody.




12.20.13-8 12.20.13-9

What a crazy scene!

Cooper, once he was over the shock of the situation, realized that the snowballs were really marshmallows, and of course wanted to start eating them.

I can’t believe the mess this made.  It’s over our entire kitchen island!  And since I had to clean up all the toilet paper today off the Christmas tree since nobody else did it, I have a feeling that I’ll have to end up cleaning this mess, too.  Ugh!

The good news is that there are only a handful of days left until Christmas.  And tomorrow all the parties begin.  First we have one event at our house in the morning, and then another with extended family later in the afternoon.  The boys are excited!  I think Elfis is too.  That must surely be why his actions are getting so wild lately.  He just can’t contain his excitement of what is yet to come!


One response to “Elfcapades 2013: Day 20”

  1. Margo Burnell says :

    Just came in the office to see if there was any mail(I should really be in the kitchen putting finishing touches on the house etc. for the arrival tomorrow afternoon of all my children, grand children and great grand children except the Calif. tribe). But was happy to find the ever wonderful adventures of Elfis at the Martinson Five’s home). Yes indeed the snow was pretty when it first arrived but it sure didn’t last long. See you all tomorrow and you can tell me first hand what Elfis was upto overnight. Love GGma

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