Elfcapades 2013: Day 21

FOUR days until Christmas!!!  It’s so close!!!  And, in fact, Christmas actually kinda started today.  We had our first two (of six) Christmas celebrations today.  And the kids had a blast.  But even before the first party started, we had a little party of our own, thanks to Elfis.  (WARNING: LONG POST!)

It all started at 3:45am.  (Yes, you read that right.  3:45 in the frickin’ morning!)  Cooper came into my room, woke me up and said, “Mom, there are balloons in my room.”  Huh?  What?  Why aren’t you sleeping?  All the questions going through my head at the time.  So, I walked him back to his room, and determined that Elfis must have done it.  The light was on in his room when we got there, and he showed me the floor covered with balloons!  I tried to ignore it since it wasn’t time to do anything but sleep.    He agreed it must have been because of Elfis, and went back to sleep.  Then at 5:00, he came back in to my room, awake again, asking if he could sleep with me.  I told him no, that it wasn’t time to get up, and as I was walking back to his room, he said, “I’m just having a hard time sleeping.”  Clearly.  Well, since I didn’t want to keep waking up every 15 minutes for the next few hours, I just agreed to sleep with Cooper in his room.

A few hours later, Cooper and I woke up and decided to check out his room.  Wow.  Balloons everywhere.  There were probably 20 of them all over the floor.  And one giant green balloon with a note on it.  (Of course.  Gotta love those Elfis notes!)  Cooper thought this was pretty cool for Elfis to do this.  He said, “Mom!  It’s like a party in my room!”  And then started playing with balloons!  We read the note on the big balloon and wondered what the heck it meant.  It read: “Let Me Out!”  What!??!  Elfis was INSIDE the giant balloon!  How on earth did that happen???



Cooper and I had to hold the balloon up to the light, and could just barely see Elfis’ shadow inside the balloon.  And when we bounced & shook the balloon around, we felt him flopping back and forth.  Cooper thought it was pretty fun to have Elfis land on his face.

Then we just continued to play with all the balloons.  Cooper said, “Come on mom, let’s party!”  So we partied, just the two of us, with the balloons.  He was throwing them up in the air, and kicking them across the room to watch them fly.  And then he kicked one blue balloon that went a little crazy.  It wiggled when it flew – all the others flew pretty straight.  What the heck?  Cooper said, “There’s something in there!”  Then, as he checked it out, he discovered there was a Hot Wheel inside the balloon!  WHAT?!?!

12.21.13-5 12.21.13-3


Well, then he had to start checking out all the other balloons looking for stuff inside.  We discovered two more balloons with small candy canes inside.  He was able to pop one balloon and retrieve the candy cane.  But the other one did not want to pop, no matter how hard he tried.

12.21.13-13 12.21.13-14

After a while, we decided to go downstairs to get some milk and watch tv (the normal routine).  When we got to the kitchen, we noticed right away that there was a little something on the table: A note and new pj’s for all three kids.  Both boys have new Planes pj’s – very cool!  Cooper had good manners and hollered upstairs to Elfis a nice big “Thank You!”



After everybody else was up, Cooper wanted to show Bennett and his dad what Elfis had done, so we went back up to his room and had a round 2 to our balloon party.  Bennett had just as much fun playing with the balloons as Cooper had.  He even tried to roll over the large green balloon.  Maybe he was trying to pop it to help Elfis get out?  I don’t know.  Fun times, though!


12.21.13-8 12.21.13-9


Here he is, discovering that Elfis is inside the balloon.  He pointed to the balloon and said, “Eltis out.”  (Yes, that’s how he says it – with a “t”, not an “f”.  Cutie.)  Then he stuck his face on the balloon trying to get a good look inside.  So funny.



As the balloon party came to an end, it was time to get everybody dressed and ready for our first real Christmas celebration of the day.  Everyone was going to be there soon.  We had a good time, the kids got way too many presents.  And Cooper received his first favorite gift of the day (favorite of many!) – a Power Ranger’s set.  He was thrilled to run around with his new sword and “shooter” and mask.


There are many more toys, but we already have enough pictures…

After naptime, we headed out to Christmas #2 and had more presents, dinner, and baby snuggles!  Yes, we took advantage of a sleepy Baby Ryder and got in as many sweet little baby snuggles as we could!



Cooper also met a new friend (and cousin!) that he had a great time playing with tonight.  Here they are playing with another one of his favorite gifts of the day – Rock’em Sock’em robots:



It was a very long day.  We had the boys in their new pj’s before leaving and headed straight to bed when we got home.  However, Cooper noticed as we went in his room that Elfis was missing.  We found a popped green balloon on the floor and no Elfis in sight.


Of course that meant bedtime was delayed because we had to go find Elfis first.  Cooper searched his bedroom high and low (under the bed, in dresser drawers), but couldn’t find him.  Then he checked Natalie’s room, but no luck.  Next he went to the bonus room, and nearly tripped over Elfis playing cars and trains on the floor.


He must have decided he needed out of the balloon and found something new to do.  Mission accomplished.

Well, it’s been a long day and I’m ready to get to bed.  We have company coming over tomorrow and need to get today’s messes cleaned up first.  And what about that Elfis?  Who knows what he’ll do knowing that we have company coming…


2 responses to “Elfcapades 2013: Day 21”

  1. Margo Burnell says :

    Well you had quite a day with two parties and all of Elfis activities with the balloons but I had the BEST Christmas ever in that I had all 6 of my grandchildren and all 6 of my great grandchildren with me. It was so great to see Bryce and Cooper(the cousins) playing together for the first time ever. And watching my sweet Bennett along with the lovely young lady that Natalie is becoming all being together. This is nothing better than Family and I am truly blessed. Have a great time for the rest of the 4 days til Santa comes.
    Love you all. GGma

  2. Karen Hathaway says :

    Well done, Elfis! He’s a busy guy. Thanks for sharing his escapades with all of us. I’m sure Santa is getting wonderful reports.
    Merry Christmas to all,

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