Elfcapades 2013: Day 22

Another holiday party celebration day today.  It was a long, but fun, day.

We woke up this morning and it was a while before Cooper even thought about Elfis.  When we asked him where he thought Elfis might be, he said, “I already saw him.  He is upstairs playing cars and trains.”  We had to remind him that was last night and we didn’t think he’d still be there today.

But first, nobody thought to turn on the Christmas tree lights, so we asked Cooper to do that first.  As he went over to the tree, we heard a very loud laugh coming from Cooper.  Not knowing what was so funny, we headed over to check it out.  Here’s what we saw:


First, we noticed there were a number (8, to be exact) of plush stuffed friends stuffed into our tree. Second, as we got closer, we noticed they all had big, black mustaches on their faces.  (I think it was the mustaches that made Cooper laugh so loud.)


The kids all got a kick out of finding the mustached friends in the tree.  They were definitely silly looking, and very much too big for the tree.  Bennett was happy to point out some of his favorites, Mickey and Donald.

12.22.13-1 12.22.13-2

Bennett even found his kitty hiding under the tree!  (Sneaky little Pepper!)


It was a few minutes before we all realized we still didn’t know where Elfis was hiding.  Here’s Bennett telling us, “I don’t know” when we asked where to find Elfis.


Natalie found him though, and then Cooper pointed him out to us.


Elfis was up on top of the tree, getting a shoulder ride from the angel.  AND – they both had mustaches, too!


What a silly thing to do!

We decided to take out the stuffed animals out of the tree, since they were a bit over-sized, and we needed to make room for all sorts of presents and people around the tree.  So, we piled them up on the back of the couch for the day, but Elfis and the angel stayed on top of the tree, mustaches and all.

The kids had fun pulling the mustaches off the stuffed animals and playing with them.  We didn’t get any pictures, but saw quite a few goofy mustached faces today.

We also enjoyed another day of a big family gathering, too much food, and gift-opening chaos.  The kids all played together (without too many arguments) for most of the day.  And, of course, nobody left hungry.

One thing I realized today – we only have two days left with Elfis here.  I had to remind Cooper tonight that Elfis will leave with Santa when Santa comes to deliver our presents.  So, I’m hoping that with only two days left, Elfis can behave himself.  Fingers crossed.


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