Elfcapades 2013: Day 24

It’s Christmas Eve!  It’s Christmas Eve!

We woke up this morning, got ready to go, then started our elf hunt.  We found him in the downstairs bathroom, bundled up in a tissue box, cuddling with a Hot Wheel car, and trying to sleep.



There was also a long note that read:
Dear Kids –
I have had so much fun hanging out with you these last few weeks.  But today my time here has come to an end.  I have enjoyed making you smile & watching you search for me.  I have also told Santa you are all good – but you do need to work on listening better.

Right now I need to get some rest because I will have a Very busy night helping Santa tonight.  I hope it is ok that I borrowed one of your cars to sleep with.  I saw you guys do it and wanted to try it, too.

Love, Elfis

P.S. – Santa said he will lift my magic so you can hug and kiss me goodbye.  I am so excited!  I love you!

Well, that was pretty exciting!  Cooper was very happy to be able to pick up and give some loves to Elfis.


But when he offered Elfis to his brother to have a turn with hugs and kisses, Bennett was not interested.  He seemed a little bit afraid, I think.  So instead, Cooper gave extra loves to Elfis for Bennett.



We spent our afternoon hanging out with Uncle Matt, Aunt Steph, and Baby Ryder.  That was pretty fun.  (And I got to do lots of baby hogging!)  Then we headed over to Round 4 of our family Christmas celebrations.  Cooper, once again, was thrilled to find some boys to play with.  They ran around pretty wild all afternoon.  Then we opened presents – madness that was over probably 5 minutes after it started.  And then we went to pick up Natalie and head home for the night.

I had to remind Cooper that we needed to get home and go to bed quickly, because Santa won’t come to deliver our presents until we are all asleep.

When we first got home though, Cooper and Natalie worked on preparing a note and plate of treats for Santa and the reindeer.  Natalie wrote a note while Cooper gathered cookies and a candy cane (his idea!) for Santa, and some carrots for the reindeer to share.  We also gave him a nice glass of whole milk to wash down those treats.



As of right now (not quite 10pm), all the kids are in bed, parents are getting ready to head to bed, and Elfis is still tucked in tight to his tissue box bed.  I guess he meant what he said about resting up for Santa tonight.  He has been a little crazy lately, so I guess it makes sense he’d need the rest.  He’ll soon be gone and I’m sure I’ll have to remind Cooper a dozen times why he’s gone.  And then we’ll wait for next year to see if he comes back again.

Merry Christmas Eve, everybody!


One response to “Elfcapades 2013: Day 24”

  1. Mimi says :

    Christmas night and I’m at Mackenzie’s home where I have been since Tues. about noon. Will head home in the morning and it will be all to quiet and lonely, I’m afraid. I am happy you had such a good experience with Elfis this year and I think he enjoyed being in your home again so I’d guess he will come again for Christmas 2014. It has been rather hectic here with the California Tobins having surprised us on Sat. by showing up at our first family gathering. WOW what a treat that Cooper was able to kiss Elfis goodbye. I got tears in my eyes reading about their good byes as seeing the sweet pictures. Thank you all for sharing all your wonderful experiences and even the rather hectic ones during the month with Elfis. See you soon and get some rest Michelle.
    Love and Hugs GGma

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