Super Cooper Turns FOUR!

What a great day today! My baby – my #1 biggest baby – turned the big FOUR years old today! As with probably every other four-year-old boy in the world, he is fascinated with superheroes. So, what better way to celebrate his big day than a superhero party!??!?

And you can’t have a superhero party without proper superhero details. So, we did it all..
First, we had a sign at the front door:

And most everybody was a good sport.  I honestly don’t know who all was here because so many people were wearing such good disguises.  We even had a special appearance from Super Papa and Super Nana.  What a surprise!


But Super Nana and Super Papa were not the only superheroes in costume at this party.  As mentioned before, there were masks to protect our identities, but there were also capes made for all of the junior superheroes.  My amazing Aunt Karen did such a great job making a dozen or so custom superhero capes:


How awesome do those kiddos look???
And, it wasn’t only for the kids.  There was one adult who had his own custom cape – Super Tobin:


And then there’s the food.  You can’t have a party without food.  And this party had superhero food.  What does a superhero eat, you might wonder?  Well, our superhero menu included SUPER Hero Sandwiches, Marvel’s Meatballs, Batwings, Catwoman Claws, Robin’s Raw Veggies with Joker’s Party Dip, Hulk’s Guac Smash, Fruit Ka-Pows and Wonder Woman Lassos, as well as PowerAde to drink.




While the food was yummy (and fun to create that menu!), that wasn’t even the best part.  Shortly after everyone arrived, we rallied all the kids and told them we had some important stuff to take care of.  We led them upstairs and told them that we were going to work on some superhero training.  First things first, we gave each of the kids glow bracelets that gave them super strength.  Here are Cooper, Bennett, and Cody showing off theirs:


Then we decided to test them out.  Jeff showed the kids a huge weight bar with 1,000 pounds of weights on it.  He wasn’t wearing any super strength bracelets, and was barely able to push it a couple inches across the floor.


But check out these kids – their bracelets obviously worked!








Then, after they all tested their strength, we had them all run through an agility obstacle course.  The kids jumped over Kryptonite rocks (green couch pillows), and were warned they had to be careful not to land on one, or they might lose their powers.  Then they did the Joker Shuffle, which was walking through the purple squares on the floor.  Next was the Aquaman Ring of Water, a blue hula-hoop which they had to jump through.  After that, they walked on balance boards in the hallway towards the Batcave (small kid table, covered with black streamers on the sides).  They had to crawl through the Batcave and then balance again on another board which led to Spiderman’s Web.  They had to crawl under the web into our bedroom where the last part was the Superman Leap, where they flew through a hula hoop.  So many superheroes need these skills, so we let the kids have plenty of time to run the course over and over and over…  I’m pretty sure the favorite for everyone, though, was the Superman Leaping.







After the obstacle course was mastered, we brought the kids back together for one last skill – weapons training.  We gave all of the kids little foam dart guns and instructed them to shoot at a target.


And they learned their skills just in time!  Aunt Steph came running in to tell the kids that some crazy villain had stolen Baby Ryder!  We couldn’t believe it.  But not to worry – we had seven brand new superheroes on our side.  It took a few minutes, but they found the evil masked man in the office.  Luckily, Baby Ryder was safely returned back to his mommy.   But the superhero team didn’t let the villain off easy; he was chased all around the house and killed many times over.




It took a while to wind down from the villain chase, but we finally got around to the regular birthday party stuff.  Cooper opened a big pile of presents, most of which had a superhero theme – new superhero books, action figures, and clothes.  He even got a cramera (camera) and a Spiderman watch, which were both high on his wishlist.


Finishing up presents, we moved on to one more game.  I told the kids that all of the balloons they saw scattered over the floor (a couple dozen) were not just balloons.  Some of them were actually filled with energy capsules, and in order to get them, they had to pop them!  So, the kids had a blast searching for balloons with something inside, popping them (jumping on them, sitting on them, squeezing them) and getting out the (surprise!) candy.

We settled down and tried to get everyone to eat some of the good food.  Then we moved on to the cake.  Again, Aunt Karen didn’t let us down – check out the incredible decorating job on this chocolate cake!  (And notice the chocolate/peanut butter-filled cupcakes, too!  YUM!!!)


Cooper blew out his four candles – it took two blows, but the second blow got all four of them in one breath.  I hope he made a good wish!


And here’s the proud mom (ME!) with the big birthday boy:


And, not to be left out, little Super Bennett enjoying his cape and dart gun:


 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SUPER COOPER!  We love you so, so much!  I hope you had your best birthday yet, and we’re looking forward to a fun-filled year to come!


One response to “Super Cooper Turns FOUR!”

  1. Karen Hathaway says :

    Great job to all the Martinsons putting together the perfect Super Hero party. I really enjoyed helping with the capes and dessert. And I’m already looking forward to the next event!

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