The Bikko Monster Turns TWO!

Time sure flies, doesn’t it?  I swear it wasn’t that long ago that we just had a new little baby, before he even had his nickname.  It was just a tiny little dude with crazy hair:

Bennett Elvis Hair

Two years later, he has a lot less hair, but has gotten cuter still.  The expressions that go across this kid’s face crack me up every day.  Here he is on his birthday, such a little goofball:

2.8.14-12.8.14-32.8.14-22.8.14-5 2.8.14-6

And here he is showing me that he’s “two” and his dad correcting his finger count:


For a week or so before his birthday, we talked to him every day about how his birthday was coming up and how he was going to be two.  I caught him with the video telling me about being “two”.  (Clearly, we need to work on finger counting with him.)   If you want to see the video, click HERE to watch it. 

Bennett was really happy to have it finally be his birthday.  In his class at school, there were a total of 6 kids with birthdays in two weeks, so he’s had a lot of practice singing Happy Birthday lately.   We baked chocolate cupcakes with green frosting and sprinkles to take and share with his class (no pictures; I forgot).

All day on his birthday, he kept saying “Bennett birthday,” and anytime we’d tell him happy birthday, he’d starting singing the Happy Birthday song.  So cute!

Before dinner on his birthday, we let him open his presents.  He is no new-kid when it comes to ripping them open!


He definitely liked his new Monsters backpack filled with goodies like a superhero book, Captain America, and new Spiderman sunglasses!

2.8.14-9 2.8.14-10

For his birthday dinner, we took him to Red Robin where he didn’t eat much and drove us crazy, not wanting to sit at the table for very long.  After dinner, the servers came and sang him happy birthday, to which he had a goofy grin/smirk on his face, and brought him his own personal sundae.  While he was interested in the sundae at first – he almost dove right in with a big bite off the whipped cream! – he wouldn’t actually eat any of it (and I was forced to help eat it).   🙂

Bennett bday sundae

A few days later, it was time to celebrate with the family.  We had a Monsters themed party (not over the top – just a little bit Monster-y), and had a great time.  BIG thanks again to Aunt Karen for the amazing monster cupcakes and double-chocolate-peanut-butter-brownie dessert!


And here’s my attempt at adding to the monster theme – a monster watermelon fruit salad and little bell pepper monster veggie tray:


While some of the kids were bummed out that we didn’t have any monster games planned (I told them to blame Jeff!), it was a beautiful sunny day and we had plenty of fun just running around in the backyard enjoying the sun.  After a while though, it was time for presents.  Bennett did a great job opening presents, and really took the time to appreciate (and show off!) everything he opened.  It was fun that the majority of his gifts were monsters-themed, too.


Notice the Sulley backpack above?  Bennett’s not the only one who likes it:


After presents, we ate dinner: wormburger and brainburger sliders, swamp monsters, and more.  Then it was time to sing happy birthday to the birthday boy and to dig in to those delicious desserts.

Here’s Bennett looking a combination of happy & bashful while everybody sang to him.  He loved it!


Then we blew out his candles together and he waited patiently while his cupcake was unwrapped before he could dig in:


Then he decided after a few bites of frosting (and after flinging some frosting down the side of the table leg) that he needed to hold off on the cupcake and play with the Monsters toys that were all set up in front of him.  Really, what kid could resist – cupcakes and toys?  Come on.


And there we have it.  Our big boy is now two.  Happy birthday, Bikko!



One response to “The Bikko Monster Turns TWO!”

  1. Karen Hathaway says :

    Wonderful! And so many super-cute pictures. Well done, Michelle. Love, Karen

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